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Aloe Vera: Your Skin’s Best Friend

Most of us have the shared memory of being a kid and either falling down after some super cool stunt on our bicycle or having so much fun in the summer sun that we resembled lobsters at the day end.  But part of that memory also involved a family member breaking off a leaf from the potted Aloe vera plant from the patio and slathering that cool, soothing gel over the affected area.  That feeling of instant relief is something we all know and have come to appreciate even into adulthood.  We all know that Aloe vera is good for your skin.  But why?

Aloe’s skin care benefits are not a new find by any means; in fact, Cleopatra herself was rumored to use aloe in her daily skin care regimen.  But we are not in pharaoh times and now know a little bit about what makes aloe so great for your skin.

First, let’s talk about its moisturizing effects.   Aloe has the ability to help enhance dermal moisture by absorbing rapidly into the skin and even helps to retain your skin’s own moisture.  Also, Aloe does not add oil to the skin that can block pores.  The result is brighter and healthier looking skin.

Another great skin care benefit of Aloe is its ability to naturally support our body’s antioxidants that help to suppress oxidative stress.  You know the term “free radicals”?  Well, they cause the cells in your skin to become damaged over time.  Antioxidants help reduce the potential damage done by free radicals.

Perhaps what aloe is best known for is its calming and soothing effect on your skin.    It naturally nourishes your skin to keep is healthy and soft to the touch.

Armed with this knowledge of Aloe’s greatness for skin care, we created a new personal care line with Aloe as the #1 ingredient.  In order for you to receive the full potential of Aloe’s benefits, there needs to be a major percentage as a base, not just a sprinkle like so many products available on the market.

Perfect for everyday use, for a variety of skin care needs, this personal care line is the ideal mixture of moisturizing Aloe blended with beneficial botanic ingredients to keep your skin happy and healthy.Lily of the Desert skincare line


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