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Aloesorb: Enhanced Immune Health

From washing our hands to staying home from work, we’re all doing our part in preventing the potential spread of COVID-19. But as we continue to take precaution against the concern of contagion, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy immune system throughout the process. If your body’s defenses aren’t at their strongest, you can be left with a vulnerability that causes those preventative measures to fall flat.

So, what makes for a strong immune system? And how can Lily of the Desert aloe support it?

Immune Health (In A Nutshell)

The key to boosting our immune system lies in the production of white blood cells. These specialized soldiers exist to find and eliminate unhealthy pathogens before they can spread infection within the body. By boosting production of white blood cells, you are adding to the ranks of your first line of defense.

Unfortunately, their good fight can only last so long. White blood cells become overworked, leaving us to fall victim to infection and illness much more easily. This allows pathogens (AKA the disease-causing foreign microbes we encounter daily) to make us sick and spread onto others around us.

How Our Aloe Can Help Support Immune Health

Did you know drinking Lily’s aloe juice daily is clinically proven to help increase white blood cell counts? These can help ensure that your immune system stays healthy and effective.

Our aloe also encourages increased nutrient absorption, giving you more of the essential immunity-boosting components you need from the food you already eat throughout the day. Maximizing the vitamins and minerals normally flushed out of your system can help your body function at its best.

If you’re a fan of the Lily brand, you’ve likely heard or seen the word “Aloesorb”. It’s on all the packaging of our aloe-based products, and it’s something we get a lot of questions about.

Aloesorb is our patent-pending process that’s entirely unique in the aloe vera industry. It isn’t an additive or preservative. It’s simply pure, 100% aloe vera, cultivated right at the source.

We’ve extracted high molecular weight polysaccharides (naturally found inside the aloe plant) and infused a more effective version back into our products. The higher the weight, the better the overall quality— resulting in chart-busting benefits throughout multiple “Gold Standard” clinical studies.

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that products with Aloesorb can help increase nutrient absorption rates, as well as contributing to our juice’s  white blood cell study. It can also offer assistance in balanced digestion, reduced nitrate levels, and increased antioxidant support.

Whether you’re braving the unknown or practicing social distancing at home, it’s more important than ever to help keep your immune system functioning at its full potential. Learn more about our aloe products and where to find them by visiting our store locator.

From all of us at Lily of the Desert, we appreciate your patronage and hope you remain safe and well during this trying time.


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