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Essential Herbs for Healthy Digestion

For centuries, people have used “bitter herbs” to help their digestion. Although they may sound unpleasant, bitter herbs actually assist in stimulating the body’s natural production of saliva due to their bitter taste! This encourages the breakdown of food, which results in healthier digestion.

At Lily of the Desert, we’ve discovered some fantastic combinations of trusted herbs and our own organically-grown aloe vera to assist the body’s digestion process. 

Herbs that Help Digestion 

Maintaining healthy digestion each day is not always the easiest task. Whether it is bloating, nausea, occasional heartburn, or indigestion, there are many herbs found in nature that can help keep your digestion on track.

  • Peppermint leaf can help relax your digestive system and balance stomach acidity to help with occasional gas and nausea. 
  • Chamomile leaf can help to support a healthy appetite. 
  • Borage leaf can help to soothe and ease digestion.
  • Marshmallow root helps promote regularity while soothing the digestive tract.
  • Ginger root can assist in cleansing, digestive discomfort and issues with motion. 
  • Pau D’Arco bark can help keep the gut clear while soothing the stomach and intestines. 
  • Blessed thistle herb may help soothe indigestion and stomach upset. 
  • Slippery elm bark can help calm your stomach and bowels. 
  • Fennel seed can help balance stomach acidity and ease digestive discomfort. 
  • Aloe vera can work with your own stomach acid to help maintain balance for healthy digestion.

If your digestion could use some support from these herbs, our Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula may be just what you need! Developed with a combination of our soothing Aloe vera, plus this key herbal blend, it can help keep your digestion balanced while soothing the bowels, urinary tract, and stomach mucus membranes.  

With our patent-pending Aloesorb process, your body can further absorb and assimilate nutrients while assisting the body naturally. To support a healthy immune system while increasing antioxidant support, be sure to give our high-quality aloe vera products a try! 

How to Purchase Lily of the Desert Products

Lily of the Desert is proud to produce high-quality aloe vera products that support your body from the inside out. To purchase our products, find a store near you using our store locator, or go online to Amazon, Vitacost, and Swanson’s Vitamins to get started.

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