ConsumerLab’s Top Pick for Drinkable Aloe - Lily of the Desert

ConsumerLab’s Top Pick for Drinkable Aloe

One of our customer-favorite products was recently independently reviewed by, and we’re excited to share the results! contracts with independent laboratories to test health, wellness, and nutrition products. This medically-reviewed study was designed to help consumers make informed choices when comparing aloe supplements. Read on to discover why our preservative-free inner fillet aloe juice was named the top pick for drinkable aloe!  

Study Highlights purchased and tested a variety of aloe products, including liquids, supplements, and gels. Their goal was to evaluate several brands to determine:

  • The level of acemannan (the beneficial compound found in aloe vera gel)
  • The amount of aloe latex (contains aloin and emodin, has laxative properties, and is toxic in large doses)
  • The presence of contaminants (lead, cadmium, or arsenic)
  • The cost for the recommended serving (using a target rate of 25 mg of acemannan per serving)

The study also includes consumer education regarding aloe use and benefits, dosage guidelines, and potential side effects and drug interactions.

Study Results

In the “Drinkable Aloe” category, five popular aloe brands were reviewed. These included AloeCure, George’s, Lakewood, Lily of The Desert, and Solaray. Although none contained any heavy metals or contaminants, the other findings were quite interesting.

Reviewers expected a two-ounce serving of Lily of The Desert Inner Fillet Aloe Vera Juice to contain 14.6 mg of acemannan, but the actual amount reported was 38.6 mg. The review also confirmed no detectable traces of aloins or emodin in our formula. Lily was one of two certified organic brands and the only one certified for aloe content and purity by the International Aloe Science Council

When comparing cost and value, Lily of the Desert far surpassed the competition! At $.20 per two-ounce serving, our aloe juice is more affordable and contains more acemannan. The closest competitor is priced at $.37 per serving, but their acemannan rate is only 32.2 mg. Aloe’s key benefits are found in the acemannan so getting more of it at a lower cost is a huge win for your body and wallet!’s report assessed the claims of each brand based on the package labeling. Three of five brands (including Lily) showed relatively comparable amounts of acemannan above the 25 mg target. Of the two remaining products, one tested at only 13.4 mg and the other at 0 mg. Ironically, the brand that did not include acemannan is labeled “100% Aloe Vera”.  The study likens it to very expensive bottled water! These findings demonstrate the importance of this type of consumer-focused analysis and reporting.

We appreciate being included in this insightful research and thank the team at for recognizing us as their drinkable aloe top pick! It’s yet another confirmation of what we already knew. Lily of The Desert is the aloe industry leader for a good reason! We are committed to creating products that deliver quality, purity, and value for our customers!

Experience the Lily of The Desert Difference!

You’ll realize a host of benefits when you add our juices, drink mixes, and gelly to your wellness regimen! You can easily find our products at major grocers and health food stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and most all natural food stores in the country. You can also shop online at Amazon, Vitacost, and Swanson’s Vitamins.

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