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Easy Exercises For Better Gut Health

When it comes to improving your gut health, your first thought is probably related to diet and digestive aids. While those are a great place to start, there are also other factors that can positively influence your stomach’s natural biome – the most natural of which being exercise. Not only can exercise help improve your gut health, but it can also have an impact on many other areas of your health as well.  So let’s get physical!

Brisk Walking 

Walking is generally safe for people of all ages, as it’s a gentle exercise that isn’t too strenuous. Thirty to forty minutes of brisk walking every day can get your lymphatic fluid moving, your heart pumping, and stimulate proper intestinal movement, which can help with waste elimination. Making sure to move your arms as you walk can help burn more calories and increase blood flow to your muscles as well. 


Working your abdominal muscles can be beneficial in bringing the digestive system back on track. Crunches or sit-ups are known to be one of the most effective exercises to help with healthy digestion. Long arm crunches, reverse crunch, and vertical leg crunches are all variations that can help work more muscles in the body. Abdominal muscles help strengthen the intestines to promote healthy bowel movements, and also help prevent excess gas and bloating while giving you six-pack abs!


Want something a little less strenuous? There are strategic yoga positions like child’s pose, triangle pose, bow pose, downward-facing dog, boat pose, upward facing dog, and standing forward bend that can be very helpful for gut health. These poses can help relax and stretch the muscles, reduce stress, and stop acidity and bloating. From digestion to mindfulness, yoga is a very gentle exercise that can be helpful in the long run.

Breathing Exercises 

As it turns out, breathing impacts many of our bodily functions. Proper breathing can slow down your heart rate, oxidize your blood, and help with bloating and heartburn. It can also help get your body back into a “rest and digest mode”, which gives your body the chance to restore itself independently. Remember: correct posture is important when you’re doing deep breathing exercises, as it allows your abdomen to expand and contract the way it’s supposed to. Alternate nostril breathing can be a great technique to help with stress and impact gut health as well.

Supplement with Aloe Vera

If you’re doing your best to improve your microbiome and gut health but feel stuck, taking a supplement like a high-quality Aloe Vera Juice can be very beneficial. Aloe can help support the functioning of a healthy immune system, boost antioxidants, and support proper gut health by balancing your stomach’s pH and helping with proper digestion. You can even get additional help with digestion and detoxification through Lily’s own Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula and Detox Formula, as they both offer positive effects on your gut health, and thus directly impact good overall health.

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