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Give Me Something Good To Eat

I know it seems impossible, but any arts-and-craft store employee or discount store weekly ad will tell you that the holiday season is indeed nigh upon us. It’s a phenomenon that happens every year, and yet it doesn’t cease to amaze me. Though to be fair, I always look forward to it. Why? Because while the term “holiday season” can mean different things to different people — scary costumes, harvest-themed centerpieces, ugly sweaters — when I really get down to it, to me it means good food. (And if I’m lucky, lots of it.)

Because I’m not always the superwoman I sometimes imagine myself to be, this can become a season of indulgence. And between that and making travel plans, stuffing this and spooking that, it can also be one of the busiest times of the year. Unfortunately the combination of these two factors could translate into a less-than-ideal diet plan for weeks on end.

Thank goodness there are ways to combat sluggish tummies by using natural, trusted ingredients. At Lily, we have crafted a unique Stomach Formula whose organic herbal blend includes peppermint leaf, chamomile leaf, borage leaf, marshmallow and ginger root, pau d’arco bark, blessed thistle herb, slippery elm bark and fennel seed. This formula works with your own stomach acid to help support the balance of your pH levels, and also helps the nutrients from your food to be more easily absorbed. That means that taking 2 ounces of our Stomach Formula 15-30 minutes before a meal could be your saving grace when Aunt Edna presses you to eat a third helping of her spicy bacon and brussel sprout hash. (No wonder you’re her favorite.)


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