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Refresh Yourself

That’s right, you heard me. Just pause for a moment to take inventory. Have you been over-doing it in the Be Everywhere At Once Department lately? And what happened to that much-needed trip to the lake that you promised yourself you were going to take? After all, summertime should be kick-back-for-a-week vacationtime, right? Unfortunately, the day to day grind can get in the way of a little break during the hot months — we’re just not twelve years old anymore. Well, before you crash face first into an all out exhaustion coma, take some time out to recharge yourself with our invigorating Apple Refresher Juice.

This recipe couldn’t be easier: mix one part quality pineapple juice to one part quality apple juice, then stir in 2 tablespoons of Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Vera juice and serve over ice. With the help of our signature all-aloe ingredient, Aloesorb, our aloe products have been clinically proven to bump vitamin absorption by up to 2000%. This means your body will soak up more vitamin C, which means you’re in for one heckuva pick-me-up.

Maybe a couple of jet skis and an uninterrupted reading of War and Peace are in your near future; maybe they’re not. Regardless, remember to take some time to refresh yourself with this summer getaway in a glass.


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