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Superfruit Water

We know that sometimes when you’re busy or on the go, having our juice and gel bottles on hand when you want them isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’s for this reason that we created Aloe Mix n’ Go. We’ve packed all the benefits of Aloe vera into an easily transportable powdered mix so that you can have your daily serving of aloe wherever there’s water.

This has brought us to think a lot about all the places we would take Aloe Mix n’ Go, and to even ask you where you would take it: pack it in your carry-on luggage? Take it to the gym? Well, we thought it’d be fun to try out a couple recipes that take full advantage of all four flavors of the ultra-portable Aloe Mix n’ Go. This week we decided to upgrade our hydration experience by making a Superfruit Water worthy of the toughest workout. It turns out, the combination of pomegranate ice, juicy blueberries, and restorative aloe goodness is the perfect workout buddy.

To make this Superfruit Water, all you need to do is: dissolve the powdered aloe drink mix into 16 oz of water, pour into an ice cube tray, add blueberries and freeze overnight. Before you head out to on your next hike or power training session, full a tumbler with cubes, top with water and let the natural refreshment make your day.

Dilute one packet of Pomegranate mix n' Go in 16oz of water, add fresh blueberries, and freeze in an ice cube tray over night.



Aloe Mix n' Go comes in Pomegranate, Lemonade, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Original flavors.Still haven’t seen Aloe Mix n’ Go in the water aisles of your local health food and grocery stores? Talk to your neighborhood store and tell them you’d like to try Lily of the Desert’s new, super convenient powdered aloe product.



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