Antioxidant Support

The human body is bombarded with free radicals and toxins from the environment, which can cause irreparable damage to our health.  Aloe has a significant amount of antioxidant properties but it also helps the body absorb antioxidants from our foods and supplements.

Lily of the Desert uses a method of measuring the effectiveness of the antioxidant in the body known as Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). The ORP test measures the “reducing power” of the tissues of the body. The greater the ORP value, the more reducing power the body has to neutralize the dangerous free radicals in the body.

A “Gold Standard” clinical study on Lily of the Desert products with Aloesorb™ showed a 40% improvement in Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). This provides an indication that people who consume our products have 40% more protection to defend themselves against free radicals in the body, thus giving them a powerful daily antioxidant.

Immune and Wellness Study

Article by Dr. Lisa Tully Explaining Test and Results

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