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Aloe FAQ

Aloe vera naturally contains 200 biologically-active components including polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes and minerals that work harmoniously together to support overall health. The polysaccharides found in aloe vera have been known to support a healthy digestive system by helping the body maintain a healthy stomach pH and supporting the growth of healthy bacteria. Aloe vera is the most studied plant in the natural products industry. Some studies have shown that aloe can help support a healthy immune system, improve absorption of other vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and support general wellness.

As the #1 seller of aloe in the natural products industry, Lily of the Desert separates itself in 3 key ways:

  • We offer top quality aloe products at a valued price because we grow, process, and manufacture our own certified, organically-grown aloe vera. Every step, from field to bottle, is controlled by us to help ensure the best quality for our customers. This is rare in the aloe vera industry.
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  • We offer a high potency Aloe vera product that delivers the highest efficacy of benefits because our products contain the fullest range of aloe polysaccharides and are enriched with Aloesorb™.
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  • We offer customers peace of mind in regards to safety and clinically proven benefits because we are the only natural product company to have “Gold Standard” clinical studies conducted on our products to back up any claims and confirm our aloe is safe to use daily.
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Whole Leaf products contain the entire leaf with the aloin content filtered down to a safe level of less than 1 part per million. They contain both high and low molecular weight polysaccharides. The Inner Fillet products contain only the inner gel-like portion of the leaf and contain a concentration of high molecular weight polysaccharides.

When Aloesorb™ was added to our products, its high molecular weight aloe polysaccharides combined with the broad range of both low and high molecular polysaccharides found in our whole leaf products slightly outperformed the inner fillet products for whole health benefits.

The only difference between the juices and gels is consistency. They have the same benefits. Since 1971, we have made what we call our regular juices and gels with the food grade preservative Potassium Sorbate, which is found in most aloe products.

In 2005, Lily of the Desert was the first company to develop technology that allows us to make USDA certified organic preservative free juice that still has all 200 biologically-active components found naturally in aloe. Recently, our preservative free products have become our best-selling items.

Our regular juices and gels that contain 0.1% Potassium Sorbate as a preservative will last up to 5- 6 months once opened and placed in the refrigerator. Our preservative free juices will last a minimum of 30-45 days once opened and placed in the refrigerator. All of our products have a two and half year shelf life when unopened.

It is important to note that aloe vera works differently for everyone so we recommend starting out slowly. Our suggested serving size is 2 oz (4 Tbsp.) and you can take up to 8 oz a day. If you are taking aloe for digestive reasons, take a serving 15-30 minutes prior to your meals. Both the juices and gels can be mixed with any other cool liquid. It is safe to take aloe vera on a daily basis.

Between the outer rind of the aloe leaf and the inner fillet lies the yellow sap (aloe latex) that contain anthraquinones (aloin). When taken in extremely high doses, aloin can be harmful. Unfiltered aloe contains approx. 10,000 parts per million of aloin.

Lily of the Desert aloe products contain a safe level of less than 1 part per million of aloin. They are safe to use daily. Read more about a recent safety study on our products.

With our low content of aloin (less than 1 part per million), the aloe vera should help maintain a healthy digestive system and support healthy regularity.

All of our products are made using our certified organic aloe vera that we grow ourselves. The regular and preservative free juices contain 99.7% aloe vera while the regular gels contain 99.5%. All of our products contain our certified organically-grown aloe vera.

Our products do not contain any gluten. Some of our products are certified Kosher by OK. We are cruelty free.

Any aloe vera product available on the market is going to be cold pressed. There is actually no such thing as cold processed when it comes to aloe products. It is the law that all aloe plants must be heat treated in order to remove the harmful bacteria on the plant. If an aloe product claims to be “raw,” then it must have a disclaimer on the label. If there is not a disclaimer, then heat has been applied at some point. Many companies use batch pasteurization, which essentially cooks the aloe vera, damaging any biological components.

In order to retain the 200 biologically-active components Lily of the Desert utilizes flash pasteurization, applying heat for a limited amount of time, in order to provide the highest efficacy and aloe benefits on the market.

Our recommended dosage is for adults aged 13 and over. Children under the age of 13 and women who are pregnant should consult a physician. In regards to pets, you can use aloe vera topically for skin issues, however when taken internally, you need to take into consideration that overdosing might cause a laxative effect.

For pregnant women it is suggested that you speak with your physician/pharmacist about taking aloe vera as it has the potential of causing a laxative effect.

Aloe vera is a great daily supplement to maintain overall good health and digestion and will assist the benefits of supplements, herbs and probiotics. If you are taking prescribed medication it is recommended that you contact your physician or pharmacist prior to using aloe vera.

The natural flavor of aloe vera has a bitter, citrus-like taste to it. Lily of the Desert Preservative Free products have a more vegetable-like taste. Aloe products that taste like water have been fractionally-distilled, where the solid portions of the plants with the biologically active components have been removed. All true aloe products have a taste.

You can mix our aloe vera with other liquids to improve flavor without harming the potency.

You can place an order through our website or visit your local retailer. We do not currently ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, or any International locations. But you can visit one of our online partners like, or for international shipping.

Our products contain the barbadensis Miller species of Aloe vera, which is used most often in commercial products.

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