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A delicious way to boost your daily nutrients while hydrating!

Tastiest Way to Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water throughout the day is vital to your overall health, providing hydration, lubrication and regulation. But most of us don’t enjoy drinking plain water! EcoDrink offers you a delicious alternative so you can stay hydrated, plus get your daily vitamins, all on-the-go!

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Fill in Your Nutritional Gaps Easily

We don’t always have time to make nutritious decisions that help keep us healthy throughout the day. EcoDrink is an easy and delicious way to help get your daily nutrition with 28 vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that help support your good health. When foods aren’t providing enough nutrients in our diet or you maybe have picky eaters at home, it’s important to supplement them with nutrients we can easily absorb. EcoDrink helps you avoid taking dozens of pills to make up for these nutritional gaps from your diet! No more pill fatigue!

EcoDrink Provides:

  • Key Electrolytes (Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus)
  • B Complex Vitamins to Benefit Your Energy, Metabolism, Cognition and Mental Health
  • 100% DV of Vitamin A, C,D, E, B7 and B12
  • Powerful Antioxidants (Selenium, Lycopene and Vitamin E)
  • Eye Health Support (Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Vitamin A)
  • Skin Health Support (Vitamin D and Vitamin B7 (Biotin))
  • Bone Health Support (Vitamin D and K)

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EcoDrink FAQs

Add one stick packet (or recommended amount) to 16oz of water. Shake or stir until completely dissolved into water. Enjoy!

We recommend this product for ages 4 and up. Ages 4 to 13, use one half of a packet daily. Ages 14 and up, use one packet daily. Do not exceed the suggested dose.

While it does have electrolytes in it, this product is a multivitamin with a well-rounded assortment of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

We use a high-quality Stevia that has no detectable after-taste to help make EcoDrink Naturals have a nice, pleasant taste. It also helps keep our sugar content at Og.

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