History - Lily of the Desert

Over 50 Years of Quality

Founded by Don Lovelace in the heartland of Texas, our passion for wellness has blossomed into an award-winning line of natural products and services. Through hard work and proven science, we strive to deliver safe, effective, and innovative Lily of the Desert products for our customers to enjoy.

About Our Founder

Early in his career, our visionary owner and CEO, Don Lovelace, realized he had a passion for sharing the holistic benefits of aloe vera with consumers. His commitment to wellness has also translated into building a company synonymous with excellence, innovation, and integrity.

Our Natural Wellness Journey

We believe in quality you can trust. That means going above and beyond to ensure each step of our processes are executed with the utmost care. We've spent over 50 years revolutionizing the world of natural products, and that dedication as helped pave the way for service and contracting opportunities down the road.

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Lily of the Desert began as an Aloe product brand.


Our owner, Don Lovelace, began his own cosmetics business focused on aloe personal care products.

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Aloe Farm


After learning more about vertical integration helping to maintain product control, Don Lovelace opened his first aloe farm in Mercedes, TX.


While walking around a Las Vegas Trade Show, Don Lovelace found the Lily of the Desert brand and instantly loved the name.

Aloe Bottles


Lily of the Desert soon became known as an innovative brand, utilizing HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) and learning more about the effect of aloe anthraquinones (aloin).


Lily of the Desert became the largest organic grower and processor of Aloe vera.

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Aloe Juice


Lily of the Desert products could be found in 99% of natural product stores and major grocery chains across the U.S.


A published study by the University of Mississippi showed how higher molecular weight polysaccharides help support whole body health benefits.

Polysaccharide Research
New Lily Juice


Lily of the Desert launched a nutraceutical division with a third party, contract manufacturing facility.


Lily of the Desert was the first brand to have its products and manufacturing processes go through rigorous review and be verified safe to use daily by an expert panel.

Product Review
Manufacturing Facility


Thanks to continued business growth, Don was able to open a 400,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lewisville, TX.


Lily of the Desert increased its manufacturing offerings to include cold brew coffee, along with additional vitamin powders and functional beverages.

Coffee Beans
Hand Sanitizer


Lily of the Desert expanded into manufacturing top-quality hand sanitizer and released its own brand name version in the fall featuring its own organically-grown aloe.

No matter the product being made, Lily of the Desert continues to fulfill the motto and reputation that Don established of “Retaining the Quality that Nature Created”.

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We are the leaders in aloe! In order to deliver the best products possible, we oversee every step - from the field to the bottle - through vertical integration. Just see for yourself!