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The Do’s & Don’ts of Detoxing

While it’s becoming more common to hear terms like “Detox Now” and “Juice Cleanse” around social media circles, we often do not fully understand what it is that the product will actually do, and how it can affect our bodies.

Many detoxes make an abundance of health claims to “purify” the body and make you “feel better”, but when it comes to actually delivering on their promise, there may not be any evidence of actual benefits. Because of this, it can be confusing to understand the real underlying benefits of ‘detoxification’. 

So, what actually IS detoxification and why should you consider it?

What Does Detoxification Do?

Detoxification is an umbrella term used to describe the process of removing toxins and impurities from within your system. As it naturally occurs during fasting and sleep, the body can benefit from a system reset by removing toxins from the body on a regular basis. 

It’s important to target the liver and gastrointestinal tract since they are largely responsible for the dispelling of waste and toxins. If these systems are not functioning at a high level, then you could have a higher likelihood for waste buildup that prevents your body’s cells from getting what they need to help you stay healthy.

Unfortunately, due to its broad meaning, ‘detoxification’ is often used as a catch-all word. Always be sure to only use products you trust and have independently verified to complete the claims they present.

Lily of the Desert has helped eliminate some guess work by conducting gold standard studies on our proprietary ingredient, Aloesorb™, that is made of aloe polysaccharides.  

Lily of the Desert Detox Formula Benefits

Unlike other detoxification methods, our Aloe Herbal Detox Formula has been shown to be a safe, daily detoxifier. 

Our Gold Standard studies show that Aloesorb™ can help to reduce toxic levels of nitrates in the body that prevent your cells from absorbing nutrients. Plus, with our special blend of key ingredients, including our own certified organic Aloe vera and trusted herbs like milk thistle seeds, spearmint leaf, and slippery elm bark, your body is able to function optimally. 

Also, by supporting good digestion and gut health, Lily’s Detox Formula helps to reduce waste from the colon and allow the liver, gallbladder, and urinary tract to work effectively. It can also help maintain healthy regularity to ensure waste travels through the system efficiently.

You can pick up a bottle at your nearest retail store or on our Amazon page.

Lily of the Desert Aloe Juice Benefits

But maybe you aren’t interested in the Detox Formula. Lily’s own Aloe vera juice provides enhanced detoxification as well, along with strengthened immunity and improved antioxidant support. You can use the juice daily (up to 8 ounces), and even include it in your morning smoothie for added aloe benefits.

There are over 200 biologically-active components like vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and polysaccharides that are naturally found in Aloe vera. Of those, many have the benefit of helping your body’s detoxification efforts. 

With the help of Aloesorb™, our juice can help reduce harmful toxins, balance gut health and support liver function, and increase nutrient absorption.

Where to Start

Now that we better understand what’s actually occurring during detoxification, it’s easier than ever to make a safe selection. Use our store locator or shop online at our Amazon store to purchase your own bottle of Lily’s Aloe Herbal Detox Formula. 

As always, reach out to us on our Official Lily of the Desert Facebook or Instagram Page with any questions or comments!

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Aloe Vera Juices, Gels & Gelly

From internal benefits like strengthened immunity and increased nutrient absorption, to external benefits such as healthy and hydrated skin, aloe can be an incredible source of wellness when used every day.

At Lily, we like to offer a full range of aloe vera products that promote whole body health. But one of most often asked questions is: What are the differences between some of our most beloved aloe products?

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice

As a reminder, all of our Aloe vera products are grown, harvested, and bottled in-house within our own facilities to maintain the best quality possible. It is here that we offer two varieties of aloe juice based on its contents: Whole Fillet and Inner Fillet. 

Whole Leaf products contain the entire aloe leaf, including the outer rind. Inner Fillet products contain only the inner gel-like portion of the leaf. 

Inside each aloe leaf are aloe polysaccharides that act as nutrient carriers and assist the body absorb nutrients efficiently. Aloe polysaccharides have a range in weights: lower weight polysaccharides are known to help with whole health benefits, while high weight polysaccharides tend to focus more on immune benefits. The Inner Fillet is where you will find the high weight polysaccharides. 

However, when we added Aloesorb™ (a concentration of high weight polysaccharides) to our products, it gave our Whole Leaf products a slight advantage to health benefits because now it had a full spectrum of polysaccharides.

Between Whole Leaf and Inner Fillet, you won’t make a wrong choice in choosing either. It’s ultimately your preference, though Whole Leaf’s broad range of polysaccharides may show to have a bit more efficacy. Our Whole Leaf products have filtered the aloin (yellow sap) content down to less than 1 part per million and are GRAS certified safe to use daily.

The main benefits of Lily of the Desert’s aloe vera products work to:

  • Support healthy digestion
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Reduce harmful levels of toxins
  • Increase absorption of nutrients
  • Enhance antioxidant support
  • Balance stomach acidity naturally
  • Soothe occasional muscle and joint discomfort

You can enjoy up to 8 ounces daily, and best consumed 15-30 minutes prior to a meal. We also offer all of our juices in USDA organic preservative free that come in glass containers and have a more mild taste. 

Get your very own bottle at a store near you or shop online here.

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel

But when should you use our drinkable aloe gel? Our aloe vera gels contain the same 200 biologically-active components as our juices, but have a thicker consistency. 

Regardless, you will still receive all the same benefits as above. Some customers simply prefer the thicker consistency and find it has a “soothing” sensation. It really comes down to what your preference is with consistency.

Some customers like to use the aloe gel on their skin as well, but we have to recommend that you try a small patch test first since the pH is lower than a topical product since it is meant to be ingested and work with your own stomach acid.

Pick up a bottle of Lily of the Desert Aloe Gel at your nearest retailer by using our store locator or shop online at Amazon.

Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Gelly

Finally, gel and gelly are not the same thing. At least, not in our world! Lily’s 99% Aloe Vera Gelly is made for external use only, and aims to naturally replenish and hydrate our skin. Our gelly instantly cools any dry or sun-exposed skin while restoring up to 3 epidermal layers. It also improves your skin’s appearance for a brighter, refreshed look.

Here are the benefits of using 99% Aloe Gelly:

  • Cools skin after prolonged sun exposure
  • Promotes an attractive and healthy appearance
  • Soothes tender skin
  • Hydrates at least 3 epidermal layers
  • Specially formulated to naturally replenish the skin

You can purchase the 99% Aloe Gelly online at our Amazon store or at your nearest retail store.

Does this clear up any confusion? Let us know! As always, you can hit us up on our Official Facebook or Instagram to chat. We can’t wait to keep providing you with more aloe goodness in the years to come.

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2021 Renewals & Resolutions

The Holidays are over and we have hit the tail end of our overindulgence that starts with Halloween and steers all the way through New Year’s Day. It’s the start of a new year and with that comes promises and resolutions to do better, typically in regards to our health.

Whether you’re inspired to renew your devotion to good health or be kinder to your skin, there are several ways to go about maintaining those New Year’s resolutions for a healthier tomorrow.


When people talk about New Year resolutions, you’ll likely hear the word “detox” come up often. Detox, also known as detoxification, is a natural process the body undergoes to rid itself of pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and more of what comes from our days of overindulgence.

Although many regard the new year as a good time to ‘reboot’ their systems, according to Healthline, the vast majority of detox and diet fads that claim to be the next big craze don’t actually offer any scientific evidence to support them.

Cue Lily’s Aloe Herbal Detox Formula. It can help deliver a safe and natural alternative through a proprietary combination of trusted herbs and organically-grown Aloe vera. This unique blend can help flush out harmful toxins like ammonia and nitrates in order to prevent unhealthy buildups that may lead to larger issues down the road. 

By helping to reduce these toxins, the infused aloe vera can then assist with balancing regularity, boosting immune health, and increasing levels of nutrient absorption.


This year, instead of making numeric goals for weight or image-related resolutions, try shifting your focus to what actions you can take to help your body function at its best. From taking vitamins to taking naps, staying positive and mindful about your body’s needs is one of the best methods in keeping your wellness in check. Digestion can also play a big role in how we feel each day.

You can check this box with the help of our Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula. Much like the Detox Formula above, this aloe-infused supplement uses an ideal blend of essential ingredients to quell occasional heartburn and indigestion. It works with your own stomach acid to maintain a healthy pH balance and overall healthy digestive system, and even helps boost everyday immunity!

If you’re one of the millions of people who currently deals with indigestion but are tired of the beta-blockers and acid blockers available on the market, this may be the natural aid you’ve been looking for to start anew this year.

Grab a bottle in its original 32 oz size, or take it on the go with our 2 oz travel-sized Stomach Formula Shots to try it for yourself! We’d recommend you start with 2 ounces (4 Tbsp) alone or mixed with your favorite juice, around 15 to 30 minutes before each meal for best results.

And since we are still in winter, your resolutions of getting back to better health will include helping your immune system stay in tip-top shape.  You may be using a Vitamin C supplement to help keep the sniffles away.  Our Aloe Vera Juice is clinically proven to help boost nutrient absorption of your Vitamin C supplement so that you are getting the most out of it.  


We’ve talked about making good resolutions around our internal needs, but what about external? Maybe you want to focus more on a better skin care routine or helping to improve your overall appearance. 

Lily’s 99% Aloe Vera Gelly is most commonly known for its cooling and soothing effects on your skin. Applying daily can help keep skin soft and restore hydration deep into our skin’s epidermal layers. It’s a winter essential with drastic weather changes. 

But our 99% Gelly can also be used in hair care regimens, body scrubs and exfoliators, and even non-stick makeup primers. 

Aloe’s built-in versatility allows us to get creative with how we restore lost moisture and soothe sensitive skin in the process.

Feeling Motivated For 2021?

For more tips on kicking off the new year with wellness on your side, don’t miss our piece on New Year, New Healthy Habits. We’ve gathered three simple and all-natural ways to make lasting impressions in whole body health!

Find all these Lily of the Desert products and more when you use our online store locator, or by visiting our Amazon store to get it delivered straight to your door.

Got questions? Reach out to us at our official Facebook and Instagram Page and let us know!

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New Year, New Healthy Habits

Sometimes it’s the little changes that can make the biggest impacts. Whether you’re getting steps in, supporting your digestive system, or simply drinking enough water, the new year brings on new opportunities to form good habits and improve your health in the long run.

Take Strides to Walk Everyday

According to BetterHealth, walking at least 30 minutes a day can help “increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance.” And that’s not even including the boost of Vitamin D you get from spending time in the sun!

Take a moment away from the desk to stretch your legs. As we get used to working from home and social distancing, you’d be surprised how much a little sunlight and fresh air can make a difference. As always, remember to avoid touching your face while outdoors or around others. It’s strongly recommended to apply CDC-regulated hand sanitizer whenever washing your hands isn’t an immediate option.

Lily of the Desert’s new aloe-enhanced hand sanitizer eliminates 99.99% of germs while ensuring your skin stays soft to the touch. Its one of a kind formula uses the required 70% U.S.-sourced ethyl alcohol to get rid of bad bacterias, and our organically-grown Aloe vera to avoid drying out your hands. Grab a bottle of your own on Amazon, Costco, and your local health store today.

Good Diets Support Good Immune Health

It’s true! Maintaining a healthy and functioning digestive system is actually one of the best ways to keep your immunity at its strongest. As 70% of the immune system is housed within the gut, it’s vital to give your body good foods to help set yourself up for success.

Be sure to eat whole foods and include the right supplements to better support your immune and gut health. Lily of the Desert’s selection of Aloe Juices, Gels, and Stomach Formulas are uniquely proven to help boost immune support, improve nutrient absorption, and detox the body of unwanted contaminants. Each has over 200 biologically-active components that are naturally found within the aloe plant and offer great health benefits.

Looking for a tasty way to include Lily in your daily routine? Try our latest Layered Immunity Smoothie for a festive way to strengthen your immune system.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Without the heat of the sun reminding us to take a drink every now and then, it’s common for folks to get dehydrated during the colder months. Don’t forget to get your recommended fill of water each day to replenish the nutrients you lost and keep you performing at your best. 

While water on its own does a good job at meeting our basic needs, there are ways to enhance your hydration further. For example, EcoDrink Naturals add an essential serving of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in a tasty fruit flavored mix to help you boost your immunity and fight off that midday fatigue.

New Year, New Opportunities For Good Health

It’s never too late to start forming positive habits, and with the help of Lily of the Desert, what better time than the present? Ring in 2021 with all your favorites using our online store locator, or by visiting our Amazon store to get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Were these tips helpful for you? Do you have any to add yourself? Reach out to us at our official Facebook and Instagram Page and let us know!

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2020 Healthy Holiday Giveaway!

It’s time to start decking the halls with the right tools to help us maintain good immune support, and we’ve got just the gift for you! We’re giving away over $100 in natural products to three holly jolly winners in our newest Lily of the Desert Facebook contest! 

This Healthy Holiday Giveaway will feature our signature Lily tote bag with a bottle of Lily’s organic Whole Leaf Aloe Juice and Gel, Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula, soothing 99% Aloe Vera Gelly, and six bottles of our brand-new hand sanitizer— perfect for the busiest time of year.

And that’s not all from our holiday haul! You’ll even get a box of the hydrating EcoDrink Naturals multivitamin mix, some immune-boosting Lifestix E.N.T. Care, custom Lily of the Desert notebooks, and an awesome Aloe vera information guide!

If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to enter. Like this giveaway social post and comment with your favorite Lily product from now until Thursday, Dec. 31st, 2020 at 3PM CST to enter.

Healthy Holiday Giveaway Items

How to Enter

We will choose three winners and announce them on Facebook on Thursday, Dec. 31st, 2020 at 3PM CST. Make sure to check our page and claim your prize!

Giveaway Terms & Conditions

  • One entry per person.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must be a resident of the United States.  
  • Giveaway begins Thursday, Dec. 18 at 3:00 PM CST and ends Thursday, Dec. 31st, 2020 at 3PM CST.
  • Winners will be selected by Lily of the Desert and announced on our Facebook Page on 3PM on Thursday, Dec. 31st, 2020 at 3PM CST.
  • If unclaimed after 24 hours from notification, the prize is forfeited and Lily of the Desert reserves the right to select another winner.
  • This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Facebook.

Immunity in the Wintertime

When we get too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can start to take a toll on our immune health. Stay on top of your natural defenses with our variety of awesome aloe and wellness products.

Take a few ounces of Lily’s Whole Leaf Aloe Juice by itself or with your favorite drink to enjoy the many benefits of aloe. In fact, we have a few smoothie recipes to share of our own! Lily of the Desert Aloe vera products with Aloesorb™ works to naturally help boost our white blood cell counts in order to strengthen your immune system. Not only that, but it’s also an excellent way to help your body absorb nutrients and enhance antioxidant support. Likewise, our Inner Fillet Aloe Vera Gel offers the same, but has a thicker consistency that can depend on your preference.

Now you may be thinking: how does a digestive supplement help with immunity? Turns out, 70% of our immune system is located within the gut. By using your own stomach acid to maintain an optimal pH balance, our Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula aids in healthy digestion and lends a helping hand in having a strong immune system.

Lily’s new Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer is perfect for this time of year, as our hands get dryer from the winter weather and our immune defenses need help. Our formula uses our very own organically-grown Aloe vera to moisturize the skin while U.S.-sourced ethyl alcohol works to kill the germs and bacteria we come into contact with. Our 99% Aloe Vera Gelly also helps cool and moisturize the skin, hydrating up to three epidermal layers with pure Aloe vera!

If you’re looking for an easy way to support the whole family, Lifestix E.N.T. Care delivers great immunity benefits for ages two and up. Its unique oral formula is unlike any other, using good probiotics like BLIS K12™ S. salivarius to protect the areas most prone to attack: the ears, nose, and throat. 

And finally, EcoDrink Naturals help encourage health and hydration through a delicious blend of 28 vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. With four refreshing flavors such as Fruit Punch and Strawberry Lemonade, it’s never been easier to stay hydrated during the winter months.

Inspired to keep your immune system healthy? Enter our giveaway and check out our Store Locator so you can find our products at your nearest retailer today.

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Lily’s Layered Immunity Smoothie

This lovely red and gold smoothie is a treat for the eyes, mouth, and immune system! On top of its delicious taste, each ingredient has been specifically chosen to give your immune system a much-needed boost during the winter months. Without further ado, here’s how to make our Layered Lily Immunity Smoothie!

Ingredients for Added Immune Support

We’re starting things off with key ingredients that are jam-packed with Vitamin C: beets, mango, lemon juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice. As Vitamin C is crucial for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues, it’s important to get your proper fix.

Also included, blood oranges and raspberries contain flavonoids and phenolic compounds that have an antioxidant effect that helps neutralise changes in cells. 

Now, to spice things up. Ginger is a well-known source for anti-bacterial properties, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects that help support the body, while turmeric is a natural way to help bolster the immune system

Cayenne pepper usually provides a kick, but peppers also activate your circulatory system, which helps the body stay healthy by increasing the blood flow and speed of immune cells.

Last but not least, Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice adds clinically-proven benefits to your immune health. Our aloe can not only help increase white blood cells, but it also assists with maintaining good digestion, increasing nutrient absorption and antioxidant support, all of which are essential to a healthy immune system. It is the ideal addition to any immune-boosting smoothie!

Smoothie Ingredients

  • 1 Lemon (Juiced)
  • 1 Red Beet (Chopped)
  • 1 Blood Orange (Peeled)
  • 1 Cup Frozen Raspberries
  • 1 Cup Frozen Mango Chunks
  • 3/4 Cup Orange Juice
  • 1/2 Cup Pomegranate Juice
  • 2 Teaspoons Grated Ginger
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Ground Turmeric
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Cayenne Pepper
  • 2 oz of Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice

How to Prepare Your Immune-Boosting Smoothie

For the first layer, bring out your blender and smoothly blend the mango, lemon juice, turmeric, cayenne, ginger, and orange juice together. Place into a glass. 

Wash out your blender so you have a fresh slate for the next set of ingredients. Blend the beets, raspberries, orange, and pomegranate juice until smooth and creamy. You can add more pomegranate juice to create a consistency that you enjoy.

Now, pour your second smoothie on top of the first smoothie already in a glass. You can stir lightly to swirl the two smoothies together.


Why Add Aloe to My Smoothie?  

Aloe should be your go-to ingredient for smoothies because its natural benefits can be a big help to your daily health! Just add 2oz of our aloe juice into whatever smoothie you are drinking to support your immune system and help reduce toxins, enhance antioxidants, and increase your nutrient absorption. 

Where to Find Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice

There are plenty of options to choose from when sourcing your very own Lily of the Desert aloe juice. If you prefer to go to the store, our products are sold around the nation at 99% of health food stores and major grocers. You can use our Store Locator to find the closest location to you. Want to shop online? You can find our aloe juice on Amazon, Vitacost, Pharmaca and many more.

We are so excited for you to try this delicious and beneficial smoothie! Tag us in your recipe photos so we can see your wonderful creations. As always, message us on the Lily of the Desert Facebook or the Lily of the Desert Instagram with any questions or comments.

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Enhancing Daily Immune Support

Maintaining a strong immune system isn’t always as simple as eating your veggies. It takes daily active care to stay in good health, especially as we enter the colder months. If you need a little help keeping your defenses up against the elements, check out some of our most-loved Lily products that are uniquely designed to help boost your immune system.

Lily of the Desert Hand Sanitizer

As this year comes to a close, the spread of germs and bacteria remains high on everyone’s minds. Among avoiding touching our face and washing hands regularly, hand sanitizer is strongly recommended when travelling outdoors.

Unfortunately, many hand sanitizers lack the proper ethyl alcohol base to effectively terminate germs, or use harsh formulas that can roughen or dry out your hands. That’s where we come in.

Lily of the Desert has created our very own hand sanitizer to help rid the skin of germs and keep hands feeling soft and hydrated. It contains 70% U.S.-sourced and laboratory-tested ethyl alcohol to help kill 99.99% of germs, and our own organically-grown Aloe vera to soothe and soften your skin a necessity when you need to keep your hands clean and free from contamination. Pick up Lily of the Desert Hand Sanitizer at your local health store, on Amazon or at Costco today.

Aloe Vera Juices

Did you know that healthy digestion is a major component in having good immune health? Grandma may have taught you that aloe is great for the skin, but it also has plenty of benefits when properly ingested.

Not only does Lily’s Aloe Juice help enhance our immune systems by increasing the number of white blood cells that fight against illness and infection, but it also helps to balance our gut health, reduces harmful toxins, and increases our absorption of nutrients. Plus, there are over 200 biologically-active components like vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides naturally found in aloe that offer great immune benefits.

You can enjoy up to 8 ounces of Lily of the Desert Aloe Juice daily, which we’d recommend taking 15 to 30 minutes prior to your meal. Find them on Amazon or at your local retail store today!

Aloe Herbal Detox Formula

You may be wondering: how does detoxing help with a strong immune system? Well, Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Herbal Detox Formula is a special blend of certified organic aloe vera and trusted herbs that can help improve gut health and encourage better immunity.

By reducing harmful toxins in the body and cleansing waste from the colon, liver, gallbladder and urinary tract, our Detox Formula is able to help improve nutrient absorption as well as reduce ammonias and cell nitrate levels.

When your system is clean, the body can better absorb nutrients. This added nutrient absorption allows you to get the most from the food you are eating by supplying the body with more of the essential nutrients it requires to effectively help our immune systems flourish. Grab your bottle right here and enjoy up to 8 ounces daily.

Aloe Naturally Enhances Immunity

As always, we make all of our Lily of the Desert products with your health in mind. That’s why our company offers scientifically-backed supplements to encourage the everyday use of aloe and all of its awesome benefits. You can find our products at major retailers nationwide or use our Store Locator to find your nearest bottle.

Any questions or comments about our products? As always, you can reach out to us on our Official Lily of the Desert Facebook Page or our Official Instagram. Be well!

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

As we all begin to prep for an outside-of-the-norm Thanksgiving, it’s recommended that we follow the CDC’s Holiday Protocols when it comes to celebrating with the ones we love. Join us as we cover some of the most important health tips and tricks this holiday season that you can easily implement yourself!

Long-Distance Dishes

The best and most effective way to combat the spread of COVID-19 is to stay at home with your immediate family. However, that doesn’t mean the guest list has to stop there! Instead of all gathering at one big table, invite friends and family to a Zoom call after the big meal. It’ll be great chatting and reconnecting with them over pie, all from the safety of your own homes. 

For those who have a taste for tradition, talk to your e-guests about a shared menu using familiar family recipes. Enjoying the same main and side dishes can help bridge the distance between households and allow the family to feel closer to one another. Besides, there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal to get your gobble on— especially when it’s made with everyone’s usual favorites!

Gathering Guidelines

If you’re set on heading home for the holidays, be sure to take the utmost precaution against the spread of germs. Applying hand sanitizer during travel, at entryways, and before eating is recommended for consistent protection when you’re without soap and water. Our new aloe-infused hand sanitizer goes beyond that of other formulas by hydrating your skin while killing 99% of germs and bacteria. It’s perfect for on-the-go protection without sacrificing your skin.

Likewise, social distancing is key in coming together. Wear a mask, try to stay 6 feet apart, and only gather in small groups that are within your usual social circles and communities. It’s strongly suggested to reconsider gathering if one or more person is coming from a high-risk area, as they may be more likely to have come into contact with potential germs.

According to the CDC, spending time outdoors or in a well-ventilated and disinfected area is proper hosting procedure. Open windows and doors to increase air flow if indoors, or encourage friends and family members to sit outside and converse with each other while wearing masks. Remember: the only time masks should be removed is for eating and drinking!

Feasting & Festivities

Everyone knows the most anticipated part of Thanksgiving is the main course. This year, it’s encouraged that guests avoid potlucks or sharing food made between households. If prepping a meal for many, always wear a mask when preparing or serving it, and limit entry to the kitchen.

The best approach would be to designate one person to serve each plate or dish so as the serving utensils aren’t shared between guests. If you can, try to find single-use options for silverware, condiments, food containers, and more to prevent unnecessary sharing.

Finally, it’s time to chow down! If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from occasional indigestion or upset stomach, Lily’s Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula can help. It’s made with a special blend of certified organic aloe vera and trusted herbs to help maintain overall healthy digestion. 

If you have any questions about Lily of the Desert’s hand sanitizer or Stomach Formula, send us a message or find them using our Store Locator. We hope you all have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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Healthy Aloe, Orange & Cranberry Immunity Smoothie

Celebrate the flavors of Autumn with this antioxidant-filled Aloe, Orange & Cranberry Smoothie. Not only is this recipe sweet and tangy, it is our way of boosting the immune system without going overboard on the sugar. So grab your blender and buckle in – we’re about to get tasty!

Immune Health at Home

It all starts with a few ounces of orange juice loaded with Vitamin C. It’s good to stock up on this vitamin, as our bodies require its antiviral and antibacterial benefits to help naturally strengthen our immune system.

Cranberries and strawberries provide key sources of Vitamin C as well, along with manganese and folate. Cranberries are low in sugar but rich in antioxidants, which make for an easy and effective way to strengthen immunity. They can also help improve digestive health by balancing the good bacteria located within our gut.

Likewise, bananas can help improve gut health through their prebiotic properties and high levels of potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin B6 (known to support the immune system). The splash of lemon juice also works as a great way to help aid in stomach indigestion. Not to mention it adds an extra bit of zest when needed.

Unsweetened almond milk contains an abundance of Vitamins A, D, and E. Those are known to give your immune system a much-needed recharge and help enhance your protection against unknown threats.

The final star of the show is, of course, Lily’s organically-grown Aloe Vera Juice. Naturally a proponent in digestion and immunity, our aloe juice harnesses over 200 biologically-active components like vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and polysaccharides to make sure our bodies are functioning at their best.

Lily’s Aloe, Orange & Cranberry Smoothie Ingredients

  • 1 Peeled Banana
  • 1 Cup Frozen Cranberries
  • 1/2 Cup Frozen Strawberries
  • 10 oz Orange Juice
  • 4 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
  • 1 Teaspoon Honey
  • 2 oz of Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice

How To Prepare Your Smoothie

Gently pile the fruits, juices, and unsweetened almond milk into the blender. Turn it on and mix until nice and smooth. The chill from the frozen strawberries and cranberries will be refreshing and delicious.

Feel free to adjust the ingredients based on your desired consistency. For added sweetness, add some more berries or throw in another splash of orange juice. Adding banana also contributes to a thicker smoothie.

Last but not least, taste the final product and enjoy!

Another Reason to Adore Aloe Vera

Adding Aloe vera into your smoothie is one of the easiest ways to ensure good nutrition comes your way. Not only does it offer awesome support in everyday antioxidants, digestion, and nutrient absorption, but it’s also clinically proven to increase white blood cell counts

White blood cells are the body’s #1 defense team. They seek out and fight off outside threats that have made their way through our eyes, ears, and mouths. By amplifying the amount of white blood cells that help protect your body, the immune system is put in the best position to help you stay healthy.

But don’t just take our word for it– check out the multiple Gold Standard studies that show Aloe vera topping the white blood cell charts though our patented Aloesorb process.

Finding Lily of the Desert Products

If you’re interested in experiencing all the excellent benefits Aloe vera has to offer, you can find our natural aloe products at major retailers around the United States. Check out our Try our Store Locator to find the nearest store to you!

Don’t want to leave the house? Lily’s Aloe Vera Juice is also available to order online at Amazon and from participating retailers like Vitacost and Lucky Vitamin.

Finally, be sure to reach out to us on the official Lily of the Desert Facebook if you have any questions. We’d love to see your take on this or any of our other aloe-based smoothies on Instagram, so tag us when you can!

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Lily’s Whole Body Health Tips

Between working from home, online learning, and practicing social distancing, it’s easy to get caught up in all the changes of this year and forget to focus on yourself. Take a moment to get back up to speed with some important tips to keep your mind and body feeling great!

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Incorporating immune-boosting foods into your daily routine is an easy and effective way to keep our immune systems protected. In fact, Headline recently featured an article about 15 foods that taste great while strengthening our immunity. Try eating citrus fruits for their Vitamin C content, almonds for Vitamin E, spinach for its antioxidants, and yogurt for gut health… just to name a few.

As many of us know, eating a healthy and nutrient-dense diet is crucial to staying in good physical condition during the winter. Many common vitamins and minerals can be found in quality foods we eat, but it’s helpful to supplement what we miss with natural solutions. Lily’s Aloe Vera Juice delivers essential nutrients to help the body function better and is clinically proven to support a healthy immune response.

Did you know we post monthly aloe recipes to make your own immunity smoothies at home? Check out our Aloe, Strawberry & Avocado Layered Smoothie or browse through the Lily blog for more information!

Get Some Sweet, Sweet Sunlight

The human body needs sunlight to remain at its fullest potential. According to researchers at Georgetown University, sunlight energizes the T-cells that play a central role in human immunity. The body synthesizes Vitamin D from sun exposure, which helps the body fight off infection.

As it turns out, the artificial light in your home isn’t an effective substitute for the real thing. That’s why it’s important to go outdoors and bask in the sunshine whenever it’s safe to do so. Walk the dog, take a jog through the park, or just relax in the sun so you can receive that much needed Vitamin D. 

Stretch Often & Thoroughly

Most people end up hunched over most of the day from working on their computer. Sitting down for long periods of time is not ideal for your health. Muscles in the body need movement or they become weakened, and the heart and lungs require exercise as well.

Make sure to stand up every hour from your desk and stretch out your arms and legs. Take a quick walk through the house to get your circulation going. Stretching has been proven to prevent injury and improve posture. A good stretch also releases tension and calms the mind. Here’s a great list of all the benefits stretching will provide you!

Supplement What You Are Lacking

It’s hard to get all the essential and nonessential vitamins and nutrients in your system consistently day after day through diet alone. It’s important to supplement your diet with other sources of nutrients. There are several great health benefits to using these supplements. 

We spoke earlier about the need to get outdoors for Vitamin D. If you aren’t able to get proper natural sunlight, consider supplementing Vitamin D into your program. It helps the body regulate the immune system and is crucial to your health. Likewise, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight infection. Consider supplementing Vitamin E if you don’t eat tree nuts or seeds often.

Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Vera Juice

One great way to get you on the road to good health? A few ounces of Lily’s Aloe Juice. Aloe vera contains over 200 biologically-active components like vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides that are naturally found in aloe vera and offer overall great health benefits. 

Lily’s Aloe Vera Juice is clinically proven to boost immune health while reducing toxins and increasing nutrient absorption. It’s a real powerhouse of a plant!

Where to Find Immune-Boosting Lily of the Desert Products

That’s easy! Just go to our online store locator to find your nearest retailer as we are all throughout the country. Want to order online? Visit our Amazon store and get your products sent directly to you.

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