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Debunking Aloe Vera Myths

Aloe vera, often recognized as nature’s wonder plant, has been a staple in health and wellness for centuries. However, despite its long-standing reputation and well-documented results, many myths still surround this intriguing plant. In this blog post, we’ll debunk some of these myths and focus on aloe vera’s true value and versatility. 

Dispelling Common Misconceptions  

Cutting the Aloe Plant and Using the Inner Gel Can Harm You

A yellowish sap, known as aloin, is found between the outer rind and the inner filet in aloe vera leaves. It has been the source of persistent misunderstanding among consumers for years. Ingesting aloin (sometimes referred to as aloe latex) can cause abdominal cramps, resulting in a laxative effect. Using the inner gel is safe once the outer rind and aloin layer have been removed. You’ll want to protect children and pets by locating your aloe plants outside their reach. 

Commercial aloe producers use an advanced filtration method to meet the International Aloe Science Council’s (IASC) standards for aloin levels, which is less than 10 parts per million (PPM). Lily’s products exceed the standard by containing less than 1 PPM of aloin, ensuring they are both safe and effective for use.

Most Aloe Brands Back Up Their Results Like Lily Does

In the wellness industry, it’s essential to have products that are effective and tested for purity, quality, and safety. Lily of the Desert stands out in this regard. Unlike many aloe vera products on the market, every phase of our manufacturing process adheres to strict standards, and we’ve got clinical studies and certifications to confirm it. Our “from seed to shelf” commitment to quality ensures you receive all the benefits of aloe vera without the risks associated with lower-quality products.

Aloe Vera is Just for Sunburns

While aloe vera has been a popular go-to remedy for sunburns for decades, it has other uses you might not be aware of. Our 99% Aloe Gelly is a fantastic moisturizer, nourishing skin by penetrating deeply below the surface. It can also be used as a shaving gel, cuticle treatment, hair styling gel, and after-waxing refresher.

Aloe Vera Can Only Be Used Topically

Another common misconception is that aloe vera is only for external use. When used internally, aloe vera becomes an essential player in your overall wellness plan. From supporting healthy antioxidant levels and digestion to enhancing natural immunity, aloe vera has been clinically proven to promote whole-body health.

All Aloe Vera Plants Are the Same

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of aloe plants, each with unique characteristics. Some varieties, though beautiful, are not suitable for ingestion or topical use.

Lily products are formulated using the most common commercially grown and beneficial aloe vera species, Aloe barbadensis. With over 200 biologically active compounds, including vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, we bring you the very best aloe vera has to offer!

Lily: Shining A Light

Aloe vera is indeed an amazing plant thanks to its many health benefits. At Lily, we’re expanding on its natural abilities by ensuring that all our products are the best you can buy. By debunking these common myths, we hope we’ve shed some light on the true potential of aloe vera and its ability to support your wellness and self-care needs.

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