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Why Aloesorb Makes Aloe Better

The Lily team was relentless in their pursuit to find the most effective way to bring you the best aloe products possible. After several years of intense study and product testing, in 2007, we introduced AloesorbTM, our patent-pending ingredient that fortifies our products with even more of what makes aloe so beneficial.

Lily’s Sustainable Farming Practices

From supporting good digestion to soothing irritated skin, aloe is best known for its natural internal and external benefits! But did you know it’s also a frontrunner in sustainable farming practices in the natural products field? Follow along as we delve into aloe’s eco-friendly nature!

ConsumerLab’s Top Pick for Drinkable Aloe

One of our customer-favorite products was recently independently reviewed by, and we’re excited to share the results! contracts with independent laboratories to test health, wellness, and nutrition products. This medically-reviewed study was designed to help consumers make informed choices when comparing aloe supplements. Read on to discover why our preservative-free inner fillet aloe juice was named the top pick for drinkable aloe!