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Why Aloesorb Makes Aloe Better

For over fifty years, Lily of The Desert has focused on advancing the science behind the legendary health benefits of aloe vera. We’re absolutely obsessed with producing aloe products that deliver the highest level of efficacy, quality, and purity!

The Lily team was relentless in their pursuit to find the most effective way to bring you the best aloe products possible. After several years of intense study and product testing, in 2007, we introduced AloesorbTM, our patent-pending ingredient that fortifies our products with even more of what makes aloe so beneficial.

If you’re a Lily customer, you may have wondered about the story behind the bright red AloesorbTM logo on our packaging. Keep reading to find out why and how AloesorbTM makes aloe even better!

What Is Aloesorb?

Without being overly scientific, aloe vera is naturally comprised of multiple compounds that contribute to its restorative properties. In addition to vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, the gel inside aloe leaves contains unique complex carbohydrates known as polysaccharides.
Our extensive research determined that the high molecular weight polysaccharides could supercharge aloe’s natural properties and intensify the related health benefits. This discovery led to the creation of AloesorbTM, where we isolate and extract these polysaccharides (from the plants grown on our farms!) and infuse them into all of our products. This means you get next-level aloe performance when you purchase Lily of The Desert!

A Wellness Plan That Works!  

When you add aloe to your wellness strategy, you want to ensure you receive the ultimate return on that investment. Our clinical studies show that consistently using our aloe vera and gels helps support your overall well-being. How? Because AloesorbTM is hard at work supporting these vital systems and processes.  

  • Balancing Digestion: Did you know there’s a bi-directional connection between our gut and brain? That said, keeping your digestive system healthy and happy is a sure way to help manage stress, protect cognition, and prevent mood imbalances.
  • Reducing Toxins: The human metabolic process is complex. If that process is somehow compromised, toxic byproducts can form and accumulate. Lily products have been proven to reduce toxic nitrates.
  • Building Immunity: Even though we’ve entered the post-pandemic era, protecting yourself from germs and viruses is still essential. Lily aloe efficiently increases white blood cells to give your immune system the support it needs.
  • Enhancing Antioxidant Support: Antioxidants are essential in helping the body disarm free radicals, which can create oxidative stress. Aloe naturally provides the support antioxidants need to prevent cell damage.
  • Increasing Bioavailability: Thanks to AloesorbTM, you can experience an up to 10x increase in nutrient absorption/bioavailability compared to conventional aloe products. This is a game-changer if you take supplements, so we recommend taking them with Lily.

Ready to Learn More?

Are you a visual learner? We’ve got you! Learn more about the power of AloesorbTM by checking out this short yet informative video!

It’s incredible what drinking just 2 ounces of Lily aloe vera or gel daily will do for you! Both formulas are concentrated with AloesorbTM and can be mixed with your favorite beverage or enjoyed straight from the bottle. Find a local health food store or grocer who carries Lily, or shop online with one of our retail partners, including Amazon.

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