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Quality Aloe Products to Support Your Whole Body Health

We Provide Quality Aloe Products

That Give You Peace of Mind

With so many aloe products available to you, it’s important that you have a brand that you can trust. We are a family-owned company that has devoted over 50 years to bringing the best quality aloe products to our customers! Grown in our own fields, our organic aloe plants provide whole body health benefits for our customers. Our dedication to offering the highest quality and most beneficial products available has helped make us the #1 selling aloe brand in natural retail stores!

Homegrown, Organic Aloe Plants

From field to bottle, we control every step in the process to guarantee quality to you. All of our aloe vera is organically grown and processed in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and the desert of Mexico. By keeping our field-to-bottle processes entirely in-house, we are able to maintain quality results, but also help keep costs low for you.

Utilizing regenerative farming techniques, each plant used in our products is harvested by hand when it reaches the mature age of 3-4 years old. We then take the small off-shoots, called pups, and replant them to make new plants.

Our Process

Certified for Good Health

Aloe Science Council

Giving You Superior Aloe Backed by Science

It’s so much easier to decide which aloe product to use when it is clinically proven to work, right? We eliminated the guess work for you in regard to our products actually doing what we say, by conducting 3rd party Gold Standard Clinical Studies to validate our benefits.

Our company has a foundation built on science and research. Using the crucial findings from the University of Mississippi study on aloe polysaccharides, we developed our innovative extract of key polysaccharides to make Aloesorb™. And best of all, it’s just made from high-quality aloe, nothing else! But it delivers a big punch to our product’s benefits.

lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.

That’s where our clinical studies come in.

With the addition of Aloesorb™, our products are clinically proven to:

  • Support Your Supplement Absorption
  • Support Your Healthy Immune System
  • Support a Healthy Antioxidant Level in Your Body
clinical studies

But we also want to ensure that you feel safe using our products on a daily basis. Our Generally Recognized As Safe certification was confirmed by an expert panel that not only reviewed our finished product, but also our entire manufacturing process. report

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