Immune Health

The immune system is a series of biological processes within the body that protect against disease by identifying and killing pathogens. A major part of the immune system include the white blood cells, which form the first line of defense in the immune system by creating a  “barrier” that hunts down and kills foreign particles in the body. A compromised immune system, especially involving drops in white blood cell counts, can lead to infections and illness. Likewise, a “boost” to the immune system would indicate that the body is better suited to fight off infections and diseases naturally.

A “Gold Standard” clinical study on Lily of the Desert products with Aloesorb™ showed a 16% increase in white blood cell counts over the placebo group. By increasing the amount of white blood cells, the body is able to further support a healthy immune system.

Immune and Wellness Study

Article by Dr. Lisa Tully Explaining Test and Results

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