Aloesorb™ FAQ

What is Aloesorb™?

Aloesorb™, which is derived from certified organic aloe vera, is an ‘isolate’ of the high molecular weight aloe polysaccharides obtained through a patent-pending filtration process and then infused back into our own aloe vera products.

Does Aloesorb™ affect the taste of the products?

No, it does not. Aloesorb™ is made from 100% aloe vera, and there are no additives, preservatives, or water added because of Aloesorb™.

Is Aloesorb™ found in all of Lily’s products?

Yes, we have added it to our entire product line because of its proven, improved efficacy of health benefits. It gives a bigger boost to the naturally-derived benefits of aloe vera.

How much Aloesorb™ is added to the products and is it considered to be organic as well?

We add 60mg per 2oz. serving of Aloesorb™ to our Juices and Gels for optimum benefits, and yes, it is certified organic.

What is the impact of adding Aloesorb™ to your products?

Based on Independent “Gold Standard” clinical studies, Lily of the Desert products enhanced with
Aloesorb™ :

  • improve nutrient absorption
  • enhance antioxidant support
  • support a healthy immune system
  • reduce toxic nitrate levels