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Simple Ways to Support Your Health

Hurray! It’s springtime and most of us are chomping at the bit to get outside for some activities and maybe put away the bags of chips for some healthier alternatives with all the fresh produce coming into stores! We all feel the need to get in shape, not only through exercise, but also improve what we consume each day, including adding in some supplements for balanced nutrition. Today we’re focusing on the habits you should be cultivating to help you feel good and stay well! 

Eating Healthy

The foundation of proper nutrition begins with a healthy eating plan. There are so many options to choose from today, and with all the delicious produce to choose from, it is so much easier! But whatever plan you follow, make sure your food choices include these items:

  • Three or more servings of colorful vegetables each day
  • Two or more servings of fruit
  • A low-fat protein source
  • Healthy oils (e.g., coconut, olive, avocado)
  • Whole-grain bread, high-fiber grains, or cereals
  • Fat-free or low-fat dairy products 

Consistent Exercise

Getting up and moving each day can have dramatic impacts on our overall health. Routine moderate exercise helps you manage your weight, reduce stress, strengthen muscles and joints, and promote overall wellness.

A regular exercise plan doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re not a fan of the gym… no sweat! Try taking your dog for a brisk walk, gardening, using the stairs instead of the elevator, or joining the kids for a bike ride. Look for fun ways to get active while doing ordinary activities and keep moving!

Taking Supplements

Sometimes, even the most well-planned diets can leave you deficient in specific nutrients. Adding high-quality vitamin, mineral, or herbal supplements to your nutrition plan can fill gaps and ensure a well-rounded diet. 

One of the most important aspects of healthy eating is nutrient absorption. Lily’s aloe vera is clinically proven to help increase the absorption of your supplements. Just drinking 2 ounces of our aloe vera with your supplements will help increase their bioavailability. Aloe also encourages healthy digestion and regularity. It creates a climate where your body can access the nutrients found in the foods and supplements you consume. And as an added benefit, a healthy gut provides vital support to your immune system!

Staying Hydrated

The human body is primarily made of water. That said… quality hydration is essential. Drinking adequate water promotes healthy brain function and energy levels, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, helps rid the body of bacteria, protects skin, and aids in digestion.

If you find drinking “plain water” challenging, try our EcoDrink Naturals drink mixes for a fun and refreshing way to increase your nutrient intake and stay hydrated!

Reducing Sugars

Eating high amounts of sugar is harmful and increases your risk for various issues, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Reducing the amount of sugar you consume can be difficult because it often hides in plain sight!

Pre-packaged foods are convenient, but they can be high in “added sugars”. Check the labels and if the rate is excessive, switch to a healthier option. Fortunately, the natural sugars found in fruits and dairy don’t carry the same risks as the “added” varieties. Here are some sugar-free dessert ideas! 

Create A Balanced Nutrition Plan With Lily

Including aloe vera in your dietary supplement routine helps you create a healthy lifestyle. You can find Lily products in most popular grocers and health food stores. Use our store locator to find a retailer in your area or shop online at Amazon, Vitacost, and Swanson’s Vitamins

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