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DIY Aloe Mask Skincare Recipe

Winter weather can be brutal on your skin. Even brief contact with snow, ice, and cold wind can leave us feeling dry, tight, and irritated… and that goes double for our exposed faces. Luckily, there’s an easy way to soothe and avoid that harsh winter itch: good moisturization! Follow our DIY mask recipe below for the hydrating benefits dry winter skin craves!

Your Cold Weather Checklist

Depending on your zip code, leaves and temperatures have already begun to fall. Although it’s a great time to spend with loved ones, the cold weather can actually make our bodies more susceptible to health risks.

Even though the official first day of winter is still a few weeks away, now is an excellent time to prepare yourself for seasonal health challenges. Here’s why you need a winter wellness strategy!

The Power of Aloesorb

Even though aloe has been used and noted for good health for thousands of years, it was only in the last 25 years or so that the science behind aloe’s powerful benefits was discovered.  At Lily of the Desert, we have dedicated years of studying more into what makes aloe beneficial and found a way to enhance our quality aloe products even more with our patent-pending process called Aloesorb. 

The Many Topical Uses of Aloe Vera

The topical benefits of aloe have been known for thousands of years (even Cleopatra was a fan!), but most people only think to use it after they’ve had their fun in the sun. Aloe vera can be used in so many great ways to help hydrate and soothe your entire body, from head to toe. As one of nature’s most nourishing super plants, we’re excited to explore all the different ways topical aloe vera can be applied for more self-care.