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Offensively Speaking

Sure you have heard of “antioxidants” and “free radicals,” but have you ever wondered what they really mean in regards to good health?  The terms may make you think of political movements and war protests, but that’s okay. When it comes to your health, a good defense is the best offense!

Your body has many natural, built-in defenses, and antioxidants happen to be one of the most important. When we eat, our bodies also take in oxygen to help with digestion…  but that oxygen can lead to the development of free radicals that keep our bodies from getting the nutrients we need to stay healthy. This is why antioxidants are so important!

Our bodies produce antioxidants on their own, but they need additional support from things like our diet and supplements.  Luckily, some of your favorite fruits and veggies are loaded with powerful antioxidants. Though, maybe what you didn’t know is that aloe vera also naturally contains free radical-fighting antioxidants. And of course, at Lily of the Desert, we do you one better: we add Aloesorb — (our all-aloe, nutrient-rich powerhouse ingredient) — to all of our products.  This means that everything we make is clinically proven to enhance antioxidants by 40% — and that’s just from a 2 oz. serving!

It is out of respect for those feisty, oxidation-fighting molecules that we came up with this chock-full-o’-antioxidants smoothie recipe just for you. It’s so good it’ll make you want to conquer your own battles today!




2 handfuls baby spinach

1 banana

1 orange

1 cup pineapple

1 cup mango

¼ cup almonds

¼ cup Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice or gel


Blend all ingredients. (Thin with water as needed.)


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