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Making Your Workout Work For YOU

Those extra hours in kickboxing class are really starting to pay off. And that three-mile run you knocked out last night before dinner made you feel like a champ. It’s not always easy to find time for your workouts, but boy, does it pay off in the end!

When it comes to staying healthy, daily exercise is just as important as eating the right foods. This is especially true during the hour or so after you’ve finished working out, because this is when you need to replenish spent energy by eating foods high in fiber and protein. It is for the days that you are determined to push every physical boundary you have that we created this nutritious smoothie recipe…

Of course, we always like to start with the beloved aloe vera plant, because it naturally contains over 200 biologically-active nutrients that help keep our body healthy. For this recipe, we’ll be using Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Vera Gel. It’s amplified with Aloesorb, which has been clinically proven to help increase supplement absorption by 2000%! Next, we throw in a banana (an excellent source of vitamin B and dietary fiber), strawberries (which, besides making everything taste better, are high in vitamin C), and finally, some electrolyte-rich coconut water. (For added protein and fiber, feel free bring a serving of chia seeds to the party.)

Mix all ingredients in a blender with ice until smooth. The combination of fresh, nutrient-packed fruits and health-boosting Aloesorb helps maximize the efforts you put into your workouts. Drink to your health!


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