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lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.
lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.

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aloe vera aids to support joints, inflammation, and flexibility - Lily of the Desert

How Aloe Vera Helps Support Joints & Flexibility

By now, you may be asking yourself, “how does aloe vera support joint health?”. A fair question indeed! Clinical studies have demonstrated that aloe contains properties that reduce the leading cause of joint pain: occasional inflammation. Your friends at Lily have found several ways aloe can help you feel great!

Aloe Facts & Best Kept Secrets

Aloe Vera’s Best Kept Secrets

There are dozens of lesser-known reasons to love aloe vera, and today we’re spreading the word by sharing some of them with you. Best kept secrets are typically reserved for a select few, but something this important shouldn’t be kept under wraps! Here are some great uses for aloe that may have been under your radar!

Coconut Oil Benefits

The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has so many amazing uses and should be a staple in your home. From creating delicious recipes to lavish self-care treatments, no wonder there’s so much excitement about coconut oil!

DIY digestive aloe gummies using aloe vera juice

Digestive Aloe Gummies DIY Recipe

Unlike many commercially available brands that may contain artificial sweeteners or dyes, here’s a version that features our aloe juice and other healthy ingredients. These gummies are a naturally delicious way to help support your gut health.

How aloe vera helps balance pH levels - Lily of the Desert

How Aloe Vera Helps Balance pH Levels

The human body functions using an intricate system of physical and chemical processes. One of the important ways it self-monitors and regulates itself is by assessing pH levels. The measurement of pH (also known as the “potential of hydrogen”) is a crucial indicator of how our various organs and systems are working. Today we’ll look at how aloe vera contributes to pH balance while boosting overall wellness and vitality.

Best and Worst Foods for Digestion - Lily of the Desert

The Best & Worst Foods For Good Digestion

If you struggle with occasional digestive issues, you may have learned the hard way that diet plays a significant role in the way you feel. Some foods can help support your system, while others create problems. Today we’re going to help you make better choices by looking at some of the best and worst digestion-impacting foods.

How Occasional Indigestion Affects Sleep - Lily of the Desert

How Occasional Indigestion Affects Your Sleep

Whether we realize it or not, one of our most precious commodities is sleep. Our bodies and brains need adequate rest to recover, recharge, and renew. Healthy sleep habits energize your body and help your immune system work more efficiently.

Healthy Summer Activities for Families - Lily of the Desert

Healthy Summer Activities for Families

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle should be a family affair, so consider inclusive options that promote exercise, good nutrition, and overall wellness. Today’s article features several fantastic (and budget-friendly) ideas you may want to add to your list!

Aloe Topical Uses - Lily of the Desert

The Many Topical Uses of Aloe

Aloe’s amazing topical benefits have withstood the test of time! As one of history’s most beloved natural moisturizers, aloe vera is known for its soothing and remedial properties. But just how can you apply it in your daily skin and hair routines?

Simple Ways to Boost Your Health - Lily of the Desert

Simple Ways to Boost Your Health

We all feel the need to get in shape, not only through exercise, but also improve what we consume each day, including adding in some supplements for balanced nutrition. Today we’re focusing on the habits you should be cultivating to help you feel good and stay well!