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Honey, Sugar & Aloe Body Scrub

The changes in seasonal weather have such an impact on our skin, and as we move into the cooler months, our skin tends to dry out as we lose that natural, more oily barrier. Here is an easy D-I-Y that you can use to help to get back the summer glow during the last part […]

Summer Skin Care Needs

With summer in full swing, now’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. However, as much as we love the sun, spending too much time basking in its glow can lead to some woes for our skin. The sun is one of the best and most convenient sources of Vitamin D available. Getting enough […]

Aloe Vera: Your Skin’s Best Friend

Most of us have the shared memory of being a kid and either falling down after some super cool stunt on our bicycle or having so much fun in the summer sun that we resembled lobsters at the day end.  But part of that memory also involved a family member breaking off a leaf from […]

A Lily treat for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be the result of many things: not drinking enough water, too much contact with hot water, or most notably, cold, dry weather. Now the way to smooth, exfoliated skin is as easy as 1, 2 … well, actually, just 1 and 2. Using our 99% Aloe Vera Gelly on dry, damaged spots […]