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How Detoxification Can Help Your Body

Here’s a little known fact: good immunity begins with good gut health. The digestive system is the central hub of health in our bodies, so making sure it’s functioning at peak performance will play a vital role in keeping you well.

Natural detoxification is a great way to maintain healthy digestion while flushing out toxins that can negatively affect our overall health. While others tend to vaguely mention the term “detox” without really explaining its advantages, we’ve compiled the exact reasons why detoxification provides awesome benefits for our bodies.

Reducing Harmful Toxins

Although there are several toxins we encounter in our day-to-day lives, the two we’ll be focusing on tend to be of the most prevalent.

Nitrates are known to occur naturally in the human body and can be sourced from some foods and the water you drink. A stable nitrate level is nothing to fuss about, but a high level can build up when the body is dehydrated. This can be caused by lack of fluids blocking the body from flushing the nitrates out.

Ammonia is another potentially harmful toxin that can lead to feeling overly tired or confused, with the more serious health concerns relating to brain function. Ammonia is a waste product that the body processes and expels through the liver.

These buildups and blockages demonstrate why it is crucial to have your digestive system working properly to avoid the spread of toxins.

Increasing Nutrient Absorption

When we eat, food travels to the stomach to be broken down into molecules, shipped to the small intestine, and then finally settling into our bloodstream. We then use those nutrients to power the body and keep us going strong.

If this process isn’t working, you’ll end up losing too many of those much-needed nutrients. A healthy stomach can make the difference in getting the most out of your food choices.

Maintaining Healthy Regularity

Our digestive tract can provide good insight into the state of our bodies. Irregularities in the bathroom happen sometimes, but if you find yourself visiting it too often, detoxification may be right for you. Remember, constipation can mean your system is not flushing out the waste effectively, while diarrhea will rid the fluid our bodies need to remain hydrated to help flush out toxins.

Why Lily’s Aloe Herbal Detox Formula Works

Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Herbal Detox Formula is a special blend of certified organic aloe vera and trusted herbs like burdock root, acacia gum, milk thistle, dandelion leaf and slippery elm bark. When it comes to reducing toxins, Lily’s Detox Formula has been clinically proven to reduce ammonias & cell nitrate levels.

The special formula also helps your digestive system function by assisting with cleansing waste so you can maintain healthy regularity that in turn increases nutrient absorption. Talk about a win-win!

You can find the Aloe Herbal Detox Formula online or at your nearest retail store. Use our store locator to score your next bottle!

Our Detox formula is specially made to help the body’s plumbing system stay balanced, but Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera and Gels also benefit the digestive system in similar ways!


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