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How Gut Health Affects Immune Health

The immune system is one of the most complex systems in the human body. Its primary job is to protect you from harmful intruders, including germs, viruses, and cell changes that could cause illness. Building your immune system is no longer reserved for cold and flu season! Today we’ll take a look at how the immune system works and why good digestive support can greatly help safeguard your health year-round.

The Immune System At Work

The immune system is an intricate network of components that protect you from illness. The system includes multiple organs and glands (e.g., spleen, thymus, skin, lymph nodes) as well as white blood cells, bone marrow, and antibodies (proteins). Naturally, our skin is the first line of external defense. If a foreign substance (e.g., bacteria, parasite, virus) enters the body, the immune system immediately goes into defense mode.

There are two essential parts to the immune system; the one we’re born with (innate immunity) and the one we develop as a defensive response to pathogens (adaptive immunity). Innate immunity quickly mounts a general response, unlike adaptive, which focuses on a specific trigger. Adaptive immunity is created by prior infection or induced by a vaccine.

Like anti-virus software on your computer, your immune system continuously monitors your body, watching for violators. If detected, an immune response sends special cells to the location to help your body fight off the intrusion. Keep in mind that invaders can appear from multiple sources (e.g., food poisoning, bee sting, a cold, etc.), making the immune system’s job even more demanding. Because our bodies are so susceptible to infection, maintaining your immune health is vital.

White Blood Cells: Always On Duty

Think of these cells as the soldiers on the front line. There are multiple types of white blood cells that perform different jobs. Each cell type is found in your bloodstream or in the tissues waiting for an assignment. In addition to their germ-fighting role, these cells are the information carriers throughout the immune system network. From generating a response to an allergen to killing bacteria, they’re at work 24/7 to defend and protect you.

Immunity & Digestion

Believe it or not, 70% of your immune system resides within your digestive tract! Many people don’t realize that the digestive and immune systems are so tightly integrated. The gut contains a diverse environment of healthy bacteria known as the microbiome. Immune cells in the gut interact with the microbiome, directly impacting the overall health and performance of the immune system. 

The Aloe Connection

One of the best ways to promote a healthy immune system is to provide essential nutritional support. You can quickly achieve that by adding Lily organic whole-leaf aloe juice to your daily routine. “Gold Standard” clinical studies have confirmed that our Aloesorb™-infused products support digestion and immunity by helping to boost white blood cell counts that protect your immune health. Daily use of our juice gives your immune and digestive systems the vital support they need!

Take Charge Of Your Immune Health With Lily!

The link between immunity, digestion, and nutrition is undeniable. All the more reason to make drinking our whole-leaf aloe juice a part of your daily routine! You can find products using our convenient store locator to find a nearby grocery or health food store that features Lily.    

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