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Key Supplements to Use in the New Year

We all had fun ringing in the New Year with holiday celebrations filled with delicious foods and drinks while we spent time with those near and dear to our heart. The holidays are always special but they tend to put some stress on our bodies, whether we are traveling or eating and drinking until we are ready to burst. 

The New Year is the perfect time to slam that reset button and allow our bodies to find a balance again. Upping your daily supplement routine is a great way for you to get back on track. We’ve compiled some great supplement recommendations to help you with immune, stress, digestion and toxins.

Supplements to Boost Your Immune Health

Vitamin C: I know, I know; we’ve all been told how important is to take Vitamin C, but it really is vital for our health! Did you know that your body cannot make Vitamin C and we must rely on consuming it with our diet or supplements? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that naturally strengthens our immune cells that can help lessen the duration of a cold. An ideal dose would include 500 mg twice daily. As a water-soluble supplement, you can help strengthen your daily dose of Vitamin C with our aloe vera products. They are clinically-proven to help support an increase in nutrient absorption!

Vitamin D: Since the sunshine isn’t shining so much, using a Vitamin D supplement daily during the winter months is important in order to help keep your immune system healthy. Vitamin D helps regulate the white blood cells that fights off infection and illness. It also stimulates antioxidants that work against stressors. Ideally, you should use a minimum of 1,000 IU (25mcg) each day for immune support. 

Zinc: While zinc is available through your diet, like in chicken, you may want to add a supplement during the winter months to help stave off any colds or illnesses. Zinc also helps fight off stressors similar to antioxidants. Taking at least 25 mg a day of zinc can help support good immune health. 

Supplements to Help Reduce Stress

Ashwaghanda: The holidays may have brought on elevated stress levels for you but we also deal with stressors in our daily lives. Ashwaghanda is an adaptogen that helps regulate the effects of stress on your body to help keep things balanced. It has also been known to help with improving your sleep. You can start with 125 mg each day. Aloe vera is also a powerful adaptogen that can help support a healthy balance within your daily life.

Magnesium: Magnesium is a key mineral that plays many roles within your body, but it can help with anxiety and stress as well. Magnesium Glycinate can help support brain function, mood and even appetite. Evidence also shows that Magnesium can help regulate sleep. Doses from 250mg to 500mg can be helpful for keeping you calm and balanced. 

Supplements to Support Digestion

Aloe Vera: We can all agree that we are not very kind to our digestion during the holidays while we enjoy the treats and festive drinks. But a great way to help balance your digestion is drinking aloe each day. Aloe contains over 200 active nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and polysaccharides that work harmoniously together to help support your gut health

Drinking 2 oz. of our aloe products before meals is the ideal way to support your digestion. And if you are using probiotics daily to help with your digestion, Aloe vera can help provide a healthy environment for good flora to grow.

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Supplements to Help Detox

See Above: Let’s face it…our livers all need a break from the holidays and now that we are in Dry January, it is the perfect time to have a detox. The great news is that several of the supplements listed above can help you do just that!

Using Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Aloe each day can help your body naturally lower toxins that your body incurred during holiday celebrations. But it’s important to know that your body encounters toxins each day through your diet, like sugar and caffeine, environment and more. Excess toxins reduce your body’s cells ability to absorb necessary nutrients to stay healthy and balanced. 

Our Aloe Herbal Detox Formula contains our organically-grown aloe, but also key herbs like dandelion leaf, slippery elm bark, milk thistle and green tea leaf that can be helpful in cleansing excess waste from your body. Remember to take your supplements like Vitamin C with our aloe products to help increase their absorption!

A Great Start to Your New Year

By including these supplements in your everyday life, you can set off the new year with support by your side! If you are taking any prescribed medication, please check with your physician before starting any supplement program. Along with the links above, you can find our Aloe Juice in-person by using our convenient store locator, or shop our website or one of our online retail partners, including Amazon, Vitacost, and Swanson’s Vitamins.

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