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lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.
lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.

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Lily’s Arnold Palmer

Introducing our take on an Arnold Palmer: Make 1 gallon of sun tea. Mix 1 packet of Lily of the Desert Aloe Mix n' Go Lemonade flavor into each glass and serve over ice. Cheers! Having a serious problem deciding what to drink? We can help. Try our unique aloe twist on the classic Arnold Palmer.

Spicy Agua Fresca

Our Spicy Fresca is just what your hot summer day needs:  to make, juice 1 cucumber, 1 cup honeydew, 1 lime, and half a serrano pepper. Mix juice with 1 packet of Aloe Mix n' Go Original Flavor. Top with seltzer water and serve over ice. Nothing beats agua fresca on a hot summer day. We made ours with spicy serrano pepper and cool cucumber and melon. Add 1 packet of Aloe Mix n’ Go to get your daily serving of aloe.

Superfruit Water

Dilute one packet of Pomegranate mix n' Go in 16oz of water, add fresh blueberries, and freeze in an ice cube tray over night.
Have you heard of our new product, Aloe Mix n’ Go? In this week’s Aloe Today, we pair Pomegranate Mix n’ Go with fresh blueberries to make a Superfruit Water worthy of the toughest workout. Try our recipe today!