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lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.
lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.

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Introducing Our New Website

We had you in mind when we redesigned our online home. Our multi-function site is a virtual hub of wellness knowledge rooted in nature that you can use regularly and check for new products! Let’s look at what you can expect from the new www.lilyofthedesert.com!

A Proud Sponsor of Feed The Children

Today Lily of The Desert pauses to shine a spotlight on an organization close to our hearts – Feed the Children. Founded over forty years ago, Feed the Children has a mission of “providing hope and resources for those without life’s essentials.” They are committed to creating a world where no child goes to bed hungry.

Here’s to 50 More Years!

2021 has been quite a year! Not only did we share our products and their amazing benefits worldwide, but we proudly celebrated 50 years of quality and leadership in the natural products industry. Established on the principle of “Retaining the Quality that Nature Created,” Lily of the Desert is honored to be the largest grower and manufacturer of organic aloe vera products in the US. Here’s how we did it!

10 Fantastic Facts About Lily of the Desert

At Lily, we’re always finding new ways to grow and adapt for our customers. That’s why we’ve spent 50 incredible years producing high-quality natural products and processes to help support millions of people around the world. So, what makes Lily so unique?