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lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.
lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.

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Aloe Facts & Best Kept Secrets

Aloe Vera’s Best Kept Secrets

There are dozens of lesser-known reasons to love aloe vera, and today we’re spreading the word by sharing some of them with you. Best kept secrets are typically reserved for a select few, but something this important shouldn’t be kept under wraps! Here are some great uses for aloe that may have been under your radar!

Back to School Checklist | Lily of the Desert

Back To School Checklist

At Lily, we’re parents too, and we know this is a hectic time. From purchasing classroom supplies, backpacks, and uniforms, to figuring out bus schedules and after-school activities…it can be overwhelming! Checklists work great for helping you keep everything organized, so we’d like to offer a few recommendations to help your kiddos have a great school year!

5 Reasons You Should Take Aloe Daily - Lily of the Desert

5 Reasons You Should Be Taking Aloe Daily 

Did you know that aloe vera has been used for over 5,000 years? Cultures around the globe have documented historical accounts of using this amazing plant for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Modern research confirms what the ancients knew; Aloe still enjoys tremendous popularity today and can be found in thousands of products. And although there are dozens of ways to experience its benefits, in this blog, we’ll focus on the five primary reasons you should be taking aloe every day.

Which aloe product is right for me? - Lily of the Desert

Which Aloe Product Is Right For Me?

When you consider adding an aloe vera product to your wellness routine, it can be challenging to decide which one to choose. Today, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of five Lily products to help you determine the best option for you!

Citrus Herb Immunity Mocktail with aloe vera juice - Lily of the Desert

Citrus & Herb Immunity Mocktail

Keep your immune system healthy with this refreshing mocktail recipe! It’s loaded with vibrant citrus flavors and plenty of vitamin C to help your body battle allergens and win!

Aloe Natural Immune Booster - Lily of the Desert

Can Aloe Boost Your Immune System?

We are constantly exposed to environments teeming with viruses, bacteria, and toxins, and the immune system is our first line of defense. Aloe has been shown to support immunity by actively…

Supplements to use during the winter time - Lily of the Desert

5 Key Supplements to Use During Winter

Many foods contain essential vitamins but may be in short supply during the colder months. Supplementation is often a better approach to ensure you enjoy consistent benefits. Here are five winter warriors that can make the chills and stresses easier to manage!

Naturally soothe occasional inflammation with aloe - Lily of the Desert

How to Naturally Soothe Occasional Inflammation

When stressors, viruses, bacteria, or other foreign irritants attack the human body, it quickly mounts a defensive response. As part of the reaction cycle, occasional internal or external inflammation may result. Let’s learn more about how we can help the body respond to these stressors using natural products and wellness techniques.

Aloe apple cider immunity sparkler recipe with aloe vera juice - Lily of the Desert

Aloe & Apple Cider Immunity Sparkler Recipe

Now that holiday celebrations have concluded, it’s a good idea to start the new year by hitting the reset button. If you overindulged in eggnog, champagne, or other alcoholic libations, your immune system, and energy levels have likely taken a hit.

Your cold weather checklist - Lily of the Desert

Your Cold Weather Checklist

Depending on your zip code, leaves and temperatures have already begun to fall. Although it’s a great time to spend with loved ones, the cold weather can actually make our bodies more susceptible to health risks.

Even though the official first day of winter is still a few weeks away, now is an excellent time to prepare yourself for seasonal health challenges. Here’s why you need a winter wellness strategy!