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How to Naturally Soothe Occasional Inflammation

When stressors, viruses, bacteria, or other foreign irritants attack the human body, it quickly mounts a defensive response. As part of the reaction cycle, occasional internal or external inflammation may result. Let’s learn more about how we can help the body respond to these stressors using natural products and wellness techniques.

The Immune Response

As the body organizes its resources to defend itself, it sends out inflammatory cells and cytokines (a type of protein), which activate the immune system. The immune response works to trap antigens (molecules on the surface of germs, bacteria, and toxins) and initiate the healing process. Redness, swelling, pain, or heat may be observed during the cycle as blood and fluid move throughout the affected tissues. You may also feel fatigued or have a fever while your immune system is working overtime.

Aloe Vera: Helps Maintain Balance

Aloe vera can potentially help with the effects of occasional inflammation. External inflammation resulting from a sudden burn or scrape, or even prolonged sun exposure can generally be easily helped. The topical application of aloe vera gelly can quickly cool, soothe, and relieve skin as it works to help maintain the balance.

Occasional internal inflammation of bones, tissues, or muscles can also cause pain, redness, or swelling. This may result from an active toxin, infection, or virus. Our Detox Formula includes aloe and herbs that help reduce toxins that can cause occasional inflammation. It also promotes nutrient absorption, healthy digestion, and overall wellness while being safe to use daily.

Dietary Changes that Help Manage Occasional Inflammation

Consuming foods that have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties helps your body handle inflammation. Update your meal plans to include oily fish that are high in omega-three fatty acids like cod, salmon or tuna, tomatoes, leafy greens, and extra virgin olive oil. Many of these items are included in the Mediterranean Diet, which has been shown to reduce occasional inflammation.  

Predominantly plant-based diets featuring an assortment of fruits and vegetables can also promote healthy digestion. For additional digestive support, your daily routine should include four ounces of aloe vera juice (easily added to a glass of water!). It works to balance stomach acid and also stimulates nutrient absorption naturally.

Try to avoid foods that cause occasional inflammation like bread, pastries, margarine, fried foods, sodas, and processed meats.  

Adding Hacks To Your Routine

Introducing easy life hacks makes our busy lives more manageable. Hacks explicitly geared towards health and wellness can also help you reduce occasional inflammation. Focus on self-care and mindfulness activities that lift your spirits, reduce stress, and energize you.

Try stretching, a brisk walk, a soothing bath, deep breathing, going to bed an hour earlier, or listening to calming music to feel relaxed and refreshed. Simple lifestyle modifications like setting your clothes out the night before, leaving a few minutes earlier, getting regular exercise, decluttering your home, or journaling can also positively impact your overall health outlook.

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