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Start the School Year with Good Health

Even though we’re still enjoying the fun and adventures of summer, a new school year is just around the corner. And at Lily of The Desert, we’re parents too, so we understand the importance of providing wellness solutions that keep families active and feeling great. So today, we’re spotlighting some of our products to help ensure your kids have a healthy and productive school year!

Healthy Menus

Yes, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day! Ensure your youngsters start their morning with a balanced breakfast rich in nutrients. Protein-rich breakfast staples like eggs, yogurt, or nut butter on whole-grain toast will keep their energy levels steady throughout the morning.

Pack nutritious lunches, including lean proteins, veggie sticks, and fruits. And don’t forget the snacks! Create craveable treats (like our Carrot Cake Muffins or No-Bake Granola Bars!) using coconut oil for essential fatty acids and extra energy. Coconut oil is a healthy alternative to butter and adds that fabulous tropical flavor to your baked goods!

Maintaining Proper Hydration

Ensuring your young scholars drink enough water is vital in helping them stay focused and energized throughout the day. Let us help make drinking water fun with our delicious EcoDrink Naturals drink mixes. More than just flavor enhancers, they’re packed with essential vitamins and nutrients (28 to be exact!). These sugar-free mixes are an easy and fruit-flavored way to ensure your kids get the hydration they need.

School Year Skincare

The scorching days of summer may find your child beginning the school year with skin irritations or dryness. And they may experience additional issues as the weather changes throughout the year.

Lily of The Desert’s moisturizing 99% Aloe Gelly is the ideal solution! It contains the natural goodness of our organic aloe vera, which quickly soothes and nourishes the skin, promoting a healthy and clear complexion. Keep a tube handy in your child’s backpack or gym bag to address any skin concerns throughout the day.

Building a Strong Immune System

Parents know that school campuses can be “germ central,” with kids exposed to various bacteria and viruses on a regular basis. This reality means that supporting their immune system is crucial.

Our immune-supporting aloe vera are packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that enhance and protect the body’s defenses. A daily dose of aloe vera can help keep your child’s immune system strong, reducing their (and your!) risk of becoming ill. Simply add two to four ounces to a smoothie (check our recipe archive!) or your child’s favorite juice before they head out the door each morning.

Back To School With Lily

As the new school year approaches, make sure your kids are equipped with the best tools for success—both academically and health-wise. With help from your friends at Lily, you have the wellness aspect covered with options to help your child have a great school season! And as for the academics? We’re cheering you on!

Where Can I Find Lily Products?

As your calendar begins to fill up with back-to-school activities, why not save time and shop online? Lily products are available on our website at or via our online retail partners, including Amazon. You can also purchase them at local health food or grocery stores that carry Lily.

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