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Visit Us at Expo West 2023!

Each year, tens of thousands of people who work in the natural product industry like manufacturers, retailers and distributors flock to Anaheim, CA for Natural Products Expo West to discover the latest health trends, sample delicious foods and beverages, and new supplements and their benefits. It is the not-to-be-missed event for our industry and our sales and marketing teams at Lily of the Desert are counting down the days until we are in booth #4005 in Hall D, right in the front.

This year, we are celebrating a recent exciting smoothie collaboration with top international model, Bella Hadid. Our organically-grown Aloe vera juice was a key ingredient in her smoothie recipe to help boost nutrient absorption and immune health. Keep booth #4005 on your list of must-visits to sample our delicious Bella-inspired smoothie that will get you keep you feeling fresh. Be like Bella and add some aloe to your smoothie!

Aloe + Vitamin C + Sodium= Adrenal Bliss

Have you seen the trending adrenal cocktail all over social media? It can help you with afternoon energy slumps by replenishing your adrenals that help make essential hormones. We are featuring our own version of this 3-ingredient drink, including our own aloe juice, to help give a powerful boost to your nutrient absorption. It’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when energy levels are feeling depleted or your stress levels are at status OVERWHELMED.

Coconut Oil is the Ideal Butter Substitute

And who doesn’t love popcorn, right? But have you had popcorn made with organic, virgin coconut oil that gives it just a hint of the tropics? Sounds pretty amazing, right? We will be cooking up some delectable popcorn samples with our Tropical Plantation coconut oil.

Made from lush coconuts found in Indonesia and Thailand, our oil is cold pressed and unrefined, as well as non-GMO and packed here in the U.S. Coconut oil is a great butter substitute in all of your baking, cooking and sauteing since it is loaded with beneficial MCT’s. But it has more uses outside of the kitchen. You can also use it in your daily personal care routine on your skin and hair. Make sure you stop by booth #4005 to give Tropical Plantation coconut oil a try.

Hydrate is the Word

Staying hydrated throughout the day is a challenge for so many of us since water tastes like water. But hydration is such an important factor to our overall health and therefore, essential. You can help reach (and enjoy) your daily hydration goals with EcoDrink Naturals. Each packet of EcoDrink Naturals delivers key electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium to help keep you going through the day. You can sample EcoDrink Naturals at booth #4005! 

We are so looking forward to seeing you all at #expowest2023 and be sure to add our booth #4005 to your agenda! Please look for us on social media and tag @lilyofthedesert when you visit! Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!!

If you are not able to attend in person this year, but are registered for the virtual show please look for our digital booth here.


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