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Interesting Facts About Aloe Plants

In our first fact installment in honor of Lily’s 50 years of aloe, we discovered how aloe vera benefited the lives of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Native Americans, and more. Now, we’re turning the magnifying glass over to look at some interesting facts about the amazing plant itself!

1. Aloe Can Survive For Over 100 Years

With its hardy and resilient nature, it should be no surprise that wild species of aloe vera are known to live for over 100 years. Domesticated aloe can also make a great houseplant for those who have a green thumb. Aloe vera plants prefer to be grown in warm areas, and do best with soil on the dry side. Be careful, though – the high water content in the leaves can often subject them to freezing in colder temperatures.

2. Aloe Is Not A Cactus, But Its Own Species of Plant

Many people assume aloe is part of the cactus family due to its spiky exterior and familiar green color. However, the aloe plant is actually of its own genus simply called “Aloe”. The most widely recognized species is the “true aloe” or aloe vera, because it is grown as the standard source for various pharmaceutical purposes. 

3. There Are Over 500 Varieties of Aloe Plants

As it is its own species of plant, the Aloe genus contains over 500 flowering and succulent-based varieties. In addition to the hybrids and species within its genus, there have also been other genera created in cultivation, such as various plants like gasteria and astroloba. 

4. Aloe Is 95% Water, 5% Beneficial Solids

The most beneficial part of the aloe vera plant doesn’t come from the water, but from the 5% of working molecules. Aloe’s polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, hormones, and anthraquinones are all the components that give the aloe vera products their high efficacy.

5. The Aloe Plant Has Self-Healing Properties

Not only does the aloe plant help our bodies maintain overall wellness, but it also can do the same for itself. Aloe plants have the ability to regenerate in dry, sunny areas. As a tip, if you’re watering your plant too much, simply cut the shrivelled leaf at the base and it will regrow at the stalk.

6. Aloe Juice Is A Key Ingredient In Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to pack a quick and easy nutritional punch. Simply add in 4 ounces of aloe vera juice to your favorite recipes for added nutrient absorption and immune health benefits. Make an immunity-boosting Strawberry, Aloe & Ginger Smoothie or our Green Detox Blend for a delicious breakfast, snack, or dessert!

7. There Have Been 700+ Studies on the Benefits of Aloe

As there have been many scientific studies performed on aloe, the positive results are undisputable. At Lily of the Desert, we’re proud to be a leader in science-based research and ensure each of our aloe products are taken through independent “Gold Standard” clinical studies for the best benefits possible.

8. Aloe Gel Can Be Used In Natural Hair Regimens

Lily’s aloe vera gel can be a great source of hydration when used in hair. An aloe vera gel hair mask can strengthen hair strands, soothe the scalp, and act as a natural conditioner to leave your hair smooth and healthy. You can add aloe vera gel directly to your hair conditioner to get all the benefits!

9. Unfiltered Aloe Contains High Doses of Aloin 

Naturally found between the rind and inner gelly of the aloe plant, aloin (also known as anthraquinones) can be harmful when ingested in high doses. Lily of the Desert was one of the first companies to filter down aloin using a charcoal filtration process so the levels are well within the limits set by the International Aloe Science Council. 

10. Aloe Is An Adaptogen That Helps Naturally Balance the Body

Aloe is considered an adaptogen, or substance that stimulates or strengthens the body. Adaptogens work with the adrenal system because it controls hormones that manage the body’s response to stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Aloe has been shown to increase resistance and adaptability to stress as it has a direct effect on the immune system of the body. 

Add Some Aloe In Your Life

If you’re ready to positively influence your health with Lily’s aloe vera products, we can help get you started. Check out our products in a store near you, or go online to Amazon, Vitacost, and Lucky Vitamin to get it delivered right to your door. 

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