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Planning A Healthier Thanksgiving

Like many of us, it can be easy to fall back on bad habits over Thanksgiving break. And if we’re not careful, it can carry over into Christmas, New Years, and beyond. Between our weakened immune systems and a tendency for overeating, now’s the time to begin thinking about good alternatives for a healthier Thanksgiving.

Consider Healthy Recipe Alternatives

When preparing for your family’s festivities, there are a few substitutions you can do to make your side dishes more filling, nutritious, and delicious. This could be as simple as swapping your white rice out for brown rice, using more fresh vegetables in your casseroles, or making a healthy green salad in place of other sides. A few of our favorites include roasted carrots, roasted brussel sprouts, and cranberry-maple cornbread.

We also tend to eat more sugar than normal during the holiday season. Thankfully, there are a few healthy sugar substitutes that offer a tasty alternative to refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Some healthy sugar substitutes include raw honey, coconut sugar, and maple syrup. Coconut sugar is used much like refined sugar as it measures the same, while honey can be drizzled over your favorite cereal or bread for added sweetness. 

If you are looking for a tasty alternative to the sweets at the dessert table, then check out the recipe for our Immune-Supporing Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl or this delicious sugar-free pecan pie. Natural sweeteners provide good nutrients and support your health by increasing your antioxidant intake. Going sugar-free at your family get-together may seem hard, but we assure you that it is possible with a few simple substitutions. These recipes are exactly what you need to bring to the table for guests on a diet, have allergies, or are making lifestyle changes. 

Eat Meals Outside

Over the last few years, it’s become a tradition to social distance for large gatherings. This means many are taking their holiday festivities outdoors! Creating a covered outdoor seating area for you and your family to gather around the table together is easier to do than one would think. 

You also may consider renting a tent or temporary covering if you do not have a porch. Using simple lights or candles to decorate the table creates a warm and welcoming space. Some people include fire pits or outdoor heaters if they live in colder areas. 

Set Out Hand Sanitizer

As you set up your home to welcome all of your guests, you have cleaned and straightened and made sure everything was perfect. You may not have thought about one thing though: hand sanitizer. 

In an ideal world, guests would wash their hands as soon as they step into your house. But, to make it easier on them, consider adding a bottle of hand sanitizer in the entryway where everyone has access to it. Our hand sanitizer has 70% ethyl alcohol base, plus soothing aloe vera, which keeps you and your guests clean, safe, germ-free, and soothes your skin.

You can also add a bottle in the restroom for kids who have difficulty washing hands properly. Another great place is near the table for guests to access before they grab their plates and head to fill them up.

Support Your Digestion Ahead of Time

Eating a large meal can put a strain on your digestive system, especially if you are already dealing with occasional indigestion. There are several things you can do before the big day that can help optimize your digestion.

Before chowing down, consider taking a product that aids with digestion, like Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula. This formula works with your stomach acid to maintain a healthy pH balance and offer better regularity. Another tip to do before eating your big meal is to try bitter foods as an appetizer, such as salad, broccoli sprouts, or collard wraps.

Remember to use fresh herbs and spices during your meal, eat cultured foods, raw salads, and try your best not to overeat. It is also important to drink plenty of liquids with your meal to aid in digestion. Once you’re done eating, try a glass of not-too-hot peppermint tea with a dash of aloe vera to help support digestion and cut down on the gas.

How to Purchase Lily of the Desert  

Let’s be thankful for good health this year. If you’d like to give aloe a try, use our store locator to find the right Lily products for you. You can also order online through Amazon, Vitacost, and Swanson’s Vitamins. As always, you can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to hear from you! 

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday!


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