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Your Cold Weather Checklist

Depending on your zip code, leaves and temperatures have already begun to fall. Although it’s a great time to spend with loved ones, the cold weather can actually make our bodies more susceptible to health risks.

Even though the official first day of winter is still a few weeks away, now is an excellent time to prepare yourself for seasonal health challenges. Here’s why you need a winter wellness strategy!

Enhance Your Immunity

Maintaining good immune health is one of the most important things you can do to avoid illness. Germs are relentless in their mission to spread colds, flu, bacteria, and viruses. And these risks increase even more so during the winter months! 

To combat these risks, make sure you and the family are frequently…

  • Washing Hands: Remember to wash your hands before meals, after using the restroom, and out in public settings. If soap and water aren’t readily available, a soothing hand sanitizer can help eliminate germs while on the go.
  • Increasing Fruit & Veggie Intake: Forget traditional comfort foods! Why not try savory recipes that feature seasonal root vegetables and fruits instead? For example, a hot soup made with golden beets and apples is delicious and satisfying on a cold evening. 
  • Promoting Nutrient Absorption: Your body depends on the vitamins and minerals found in a balanced diet. But if your nutrient absorption level is low, you’re actually missing out on those benefits. Drinking just four ounces of aloe vera juice daily can help your body fully access vital nutrients and retain them properly!
  • Boosting White Blood Cell Counts: White blood cells are the primary defenders that fight against infection. Cell counts can fall when your immune system is compromised, putting you at risk. Clinical studies show that ingesting aloe, when infused with our patent-pending Aloesorb, can help increase your white blood cell counts for a stronger immune system.

Avoid Dehydration & Inactivity

Let’s face it: most of us hibernate during cold weather. Unfortunately, prolonged periods spent indoors usually result in reduced physical activity. And when we’re inactive, we don’t drink as much water. Sure, it’s natural to grab a cold drink during hot weather – but winter hydration is equally important!  Water helps regulate body temperature, protects organs,  and supports your immune system.

Try adding EcoDrink Naturals to your water bottle this winter. It’s a delicious way to manage the effects of winter downtime with extra vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Plus, it comes in 4 natural flavors without any artificial colors or sweeteners.

Keep Skin Feeling Nourished

The impact of wintry weather on our skin can be downright painful! Frigid temperatures, high winds, indoor heating, and low humidity can dry the surrounding air and steal its moisture. The result? Dry skin that can itch, flake, crack, and bleed. 

Now’s the time to create a winter skincare routine that includes the hydrating effects of aloe gelly. It works quickly to moisturize and soothe skin irritations and promote healing. Use it in a DIY face mask, body scrub, or winter exfoliant for even more topical benefits.

How to Buy Lily of the Desert Products

Stock up your winter survival kit with moisturizing aloe vera hand sanitizer, natural beverage mixes, and skincare support! Browse our handy store locator to find a store near you, or stay warm and shop online at Amazon, Vitacost, and Swanson’s Vitamins.

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