Peach Mint Smoothie - Lily of the Desert

Peach Mint Smoothie

The Peach Mint Smoothie is one refreshing summer treat! Using frozen peaches and banana ensures you get a creamy, cold consistency without using ice, which dilutes the flavors. Adding some freshly pressed carrot juice not only gives this healthy beverage that beautiful vibrant orange hue, it also introduces a dose of vitamins and dietary fiber to the mix. We added a serving of chia seeds to the recipe for a nice little omega-3 boost. Just don’t forget the Aloe vera juice!

[schema type=”recipe” name=”Peach Mint Smoothie” author=”Lily of the Desert” pubdate=”2014-07-13″ image=”” prepmins=”15″ yield=”1″ ingrt_1=”1 cup frozen peaches” ingrt_2=”½ frozen banana” ingrt_3=”½ cup fresh carrot juice” ingrt_4=”½ cup organic orange juice” ingrt_5=”2 tablespoon chia seeds” ingrt_6=”2 sprigs fresh mint” ingrt_7=”2 ounces Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice” instructions=”Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!” ]


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