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lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.
lily aloe leaves cut cross sections.

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Making Resolutions You Can Keep

Welcoming a new year is exciting! It’s an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned during the previous twelve months while moving forward with a clean slate. Many of us have already selected New Year’s resolutions and are gearing up to work on our goals. 

Planning A Healthier Thanksgiving

Like many of us, it can be easy to fall back on bad habits over Thanksgiving break. And if we’re not careful, it can carry over into Christmas, New Years, and beyond. Between our weakened immune systems and a tendency for overeating, now’s the time to begin thinking about healthier alternatives for the holiday season.

The Power of Aloesorb

Even though aloe has been used and noted for good health for thousands of years, it was only in the last 25 years or so that the science behind aloe’s powerful benefits was discovered.  At Lily of the Desert, we have dedicated years of studying more into what makes aloe beneficial and found a way to enhance our quality aloe products even more with our patent-pending process called Aloesorb. 

Essential Herbs for Healthy Digestion

For centuries, people have used “bitter herbs” to help their digestion. Although they may sound unpleasant, bitter herbs actually assist in stimulating the body’s natural production of saliva due to their bitter taste! This encourages the breakdown of food, which results in healthier digestion.