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The Lily Difference

For nearly 50 years, we’ve done our part to change the Aloe vera industry as we know it. Our holistic and science-driven methods have made us an internationally-recognized brand, allowing us to confidently offer some of the best natural aloe products on the market. 

What’s our secret? Well, our differences are what make us #1.

From Field to Bottle

Our first key difference is in the delivery. We understand the importance of overseeing each of the unique steps used in making our products. Everything in the Lily of the Desert line is made entirely in-house, meaning we grow, process, and bottle each product in our own facilities. 

Once the Aloe vera plants have reached optimal maturity, they are harvested and processed through precise inspection and industry-driving techniques. From there we package the contents through either preservative or preservative-free bottling in order to assure the highest quality for our customers to enjoy. After all, our motto is “Retaining the Quality that Nature Created”.

Our team of experts take pride in providing a safe and natural source of wellness to millions around the world. As one of the largest U.S. growers, processors, and manufacturers of chemical-free and certified organic Aloe vera in the natural products industry, it’s our duty to maintain only the highest standards of quality control.

Gold Standard Studies

Not only that, Lily of the Desert is the only Aloe vera brand that implements accredited “Gold Standard” clinical studies on our own products. This ensures that you’re getting the best and most effective Aloe vera benefits available.

With safety and wellness of the utmost priority, we saw it necessary to have independent testing conducted on our products to validate their safety when ingested. Although Aloe vera is known to contain aloin (a sap-like substance that may be harmful when consumed in high doses), its content in our products has been filtered down to be well within safety standards set by the International Aloe Science Council. 

In fact, the results of this study conducted by an expert panel showed that Lily of the Desert’s products contain less than 1 part per million aloin content, or 1,000 times less than raw Aloe vera. This minimal content affirms that our products are safe to use on a daily basis and were given G.R.A.S. (generally recognized as safe) status. Read our safety study published in the Journal of Toxicology to learn more.

Other “Gold Standard” studies have shown incredible improvements in the way Lily’s Aloe vera can affect our day to day lives. Check out our collection of scientifically-proven results in helping aid in digestive health, strengthen immune systems and white blood counts, improve antioxidant support, encourage nitrate reduction, and bolster absorption and bioavailability rates.

But what makes our aloe so much more beneficial than the other brands?

All That & Aloesorb

As a leader in the field, it’s only natural that we’ve raised the standards for Aloe vera and how it can help assist in your body’s overall health. The above studies show amazing results that go beyond the usual efficacy of aloe, and that’s due to our patent-pending Aloesorb

Introduced to our products in 2007, Aloesorb has allowed us to optimize the natural benefits found in Aloe vera through the gathering and infusing of powerful polysaccharides. It works by maximizing your body’s nutrient absorption rate and gaining enhanced support and better overall functionality. It’s even proven to help increase your white blood cell counts for a strong and healthy immune system.

A “Gold Standard” clinical study showed that products infused with Aloesorb could help increase absorption of Vitamin C in the first hour versus when taken with water. When compared to generic aloe vera, bioavailability also showed an impressive increase!

Learn more about our Aloesorb-infused products and where to find them by visiting our store locator today.


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