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What To Look For In An Aloe Product

When you’re considering an aloe vera product, the available options can be overwhelming! As you conduct your research, you want proof that the products you purchase will fulfill their promises. The ability to review analysis and credentials issued by trusted organizations can make all the difference in your decision. Here are the important items to look for when considering an aloe vera product.

Industry Certifications

We understand that you want certain assurances before placing an item in your shopping cart. Lily products have been reviewed and certified for quality and purity by multiple organizations, including the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Our certifications demonstrate our commitment to high manufacturing standards that deliver safe and effective products.

These certifications include:

  • EcoCert Tested: Our strict farming standards are certified, monitored, and audited by EcoCert to maintain healthy aloe plants that contain large levels of active ingredients.
  • IASC Certified: Approved by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) for purity and content, ensuring the products contain quality, certified aloe.
  • OneCert Approved: Our state-of-the-art processing plant and laboratories are certified organic by OneCert in accordance with the USDA Certified National Organic Program.
  • USDA Certified: Several of our Lily of the Desert products are preservative-free and processed in accordance with the USDA Certified National Organic Program.
  • Pareve Approved: Most of Lily of the Desert products are certified Kosher Pareve by the standards set by OK Kosher.

Certified products, like our Aloe Vera Gel, confirm our superior quality and presence of certified aloe, and verify our compliance with strict organic farming practices.

Third Party Growers

It’s more important now than ever to know where your product’s ingredients originate. And it is not uncommon for aloe products to be made from third party growers. All of Lily of the Desert’s products are made with our own organically-grown aloe vera plants, that are harvested by hand once they grow mature. We use sustainable growing practices by planting the offshoots, known as “pups”, to grow more aloe plants.    

Types of Aloe

When it comes to beneficial aloe products, the type of aloe species is crucial. This is because not all aloe plants are the same! Lily of the Desert uses aloe Barbadensis Miller, AKA the most common aloe species proven to provide ample benefits to its users. Another species that is often marketed is aloe Arborescens, which many claim to be more potent, but is not actually good for commercial use. This discretion is why it’s important to identify the aloe inside the product before you ingest or apply it.


Of course, this is especially true when it comes to our flagship product: Lily’s Preservative-Free Aloe Vera. Using proven, commercially-used aloe vera, our aloe helps support both the immune system and digestive system through just 2 to 4 ounces a day. Aloe vera is known for helping balance the gut’s natural biome, support our white blood cell counts, and help your body absorb the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Plus, with the help of Aloesorb™, these benefits are delivered ten-fold.


All of our aloe vera can be divided into two categories: Whole Leaf and Inner Fillet. Bottles labeled with “Whole Leaf” are made from the entire leaf, including the rind of the aloe plant. Alternatively, those labeled “Inner Fillet” are made using the clear inner solids within the plant only.

While both varieties provide the same amazing benefits, testing has shown that the Whole Leaf aloe vera is slightly more effective.

Independent Clinical Studies

It’s easy for companies to advertise their products and make claims that sound appealing. It’s an entirely different scenario when those claims are substantiated by clinical evidence. Lily topical and consumable products, including our 99% Aloe Gelly and herbal Stomach Formula, are infused with Aloesorb™. This powerful formulation ensures you get the highest concentration of aloe’s most beneficial ingredients: polysaccharides.


Polysaccharides are better known as the “powerhouse” of aloe’s nutrients. Found within the aloe plant itself, these play a vital role in delivering aloe’s overall benefits. A study on aloe polysaccharides determined that high molecular weight versions provided the most powerful benefits, meaning the bigger the polysaccharides, the more effective the product!


At Lily of the Desert, we have found a way to isolate that power and add it to our entire product line, giving our customers the most beneficial aloe products on the market. As our patent-pending, one-of-a-kind infusion process, Aloesorb™ ensures that you’re getting the most out of your aloe products when compared to those that are fractionally distilled.

To validate our analysis, we have undergone a series of “Gold Standard” clinical studies that, when paired with Aloesorb™, confirm our products:

  • Support Digestion
  • Promote A Healthier Immune System
  • Encourage Nutrient Absorption/Bioavailability
  • Antioxidant Support
  • Provide Nitrate Reduction Support
  • Are Safe for Consumption

Lily of The Desert is the only aloe brand validated by “Gold Standard” clinical reviews. You can be confident that you’re choosing the best aloe products on the market when you buy Lily!

Consistent Field-To-Bottle Testing

Many consumers ask about the safety of aloe vera due to misinformation surrounding aloin (also known as aloe latex), the yellowish substance found in the outer rind. While it is true that aloin can be harmful if ingested in high doses for prolonged periods, aloin content can be limited with proper manufacturing and testing practices.

Our products and manufacturing processes were independently tested and certified as Generally Recognized As Safe by a scientific panel that confirmed that our products contain less than 1 part per million of aloin. Using the latest filtration methods and maintaining complete control of the manufacturing process, from field to bottle, results in a superior product safe for daily use.   

The processes employed by our growers and production teams ensure that Lily products are sustainably grown and chemical and pesticide-free. Each batch of our products is tested to ensure quality and efficacy. Our hands-on management approach creates exceptional value without sacrificing the natural benefits.  

Giving Back

Knowing that a company is supporting community efforts can help you feel more confident in choosing their brand. Lily of the Desert is a proud supporter of Feed the Children who are committed to creating a world where no children go hungry. Good and consistent nutrition are the building blocks for children to grow into healthy adults.  

Trust Lily: The Aloe Leader

Now you know why Lily of The Desert is the industry leader and the best choice when it comes to aloe vera products! We’re committed to our mission of “Retaining the Quality that Nature Created.” And we pour our passion for wellness into every product. You can use our convenient store locator to find a nearby grocer or health food store that carries Lily. And don’t forget our huge in-store sale continues through October 31st! It’s the perfect time to stock up on your favorites or try something new!

You can also shop conveniently on our new website or with one of our online retail partners, including Amazon, Vitacost, and Swanson’s Vitamins.

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